Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Born on July 03, 1968 Bhupesh C Little EFIAP Hon. FICS, is not a new name to Fine Art Photography having as many as 35 International Awards in 10 different countries and over 1500 works selected in International and All India exhibitions. He also has over 150 more awards at National level. His works are in several collections worldwide, the most important being the prints in ‘Metropolitan Museum’ Spain, and ‘International Federation of Photography’ France. One of his images has been selected by PSA (Photographic Society of America) for their prestigious coffee-table book, carrying 75 years history of PSA on the occasion of their Platinum Jubilee, in which very few selected images have been featured from the history.
Bhupesh is such a photographer who deals in all subjects with equal zeal; be it creative landscapes, abstracts, graphic compositions, be it professional assignments, product shoots, modeling or even when he is searching for a tiny insect in scorching heat, or looking for a good specimen of Mushroom in dense forest amid buzzing mosquitoes and stinking marsh land.
Bhupesh has been honoured with 2 International Fellowships, ‘EFIAP’ by FIAP (Federation Internationale de La Art Photographique) France and Hon. FICS by ICS (Image Colleague Society) USA. He has also been chosen as Country Representative in India by ICS, USA.
He did his MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Photography from Faculty of Fine Arts, College of Arts & Crafts, Lucknow University in 1997-98 and was university topper. Presently he is working as the Dean Students’ Welfare & Incharge Photography in the same faculty. He is also the Chairman of ‘Horizon International’ since 1998 and has successfully organized 5 International Exhibitions.
He is a well acknowledged expert of workshops having conducted a number of workshops of Photography with hundreds of highly satisfied followers from those workshops at various places; IIT Bombay, Kumaon University, Allahabad University, Amity University, Lalit Kala Academy Gujrat, and Photojournalists Association Allahabad to name just a few.
He believes that one never becomes a complete master of ANY subject; one keeps learning newer things throughout one’s life if one has the quest for more. “The day you believe you are a master you are doomed” he says.
Bhupesh believes, “The more you know, the more you come to know, how ‘Little’ you know.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photo Gallery - "Gorgeous Evening"

Photo Gallery
"Gorgeous Evening"
This photograph was taken on an evening at Gomti Bridge, Lucknow (India).
Photo: Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Gallery - "A Mellow Morning"

Photo Gallery
"A Mellow Evening"
This photograph was taken from a high point known as Jhandi Kot near to Vridhdh Jageshwar (Distt. Almora, Uttarakhand , India). Himalayan Peaks, Trishul and Nanda Devi are visible in this photograph. This is an early morning shot. Photo: Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Photo-Artist with Pure Instincts: Dr. J. S. Murthy, FFIP, IIPC Platinum
Born in Tumkur (Karnataka, India) on the 20th June 1937, Dr. J. S. Murthy had instinctive interest in arts since his childhood days. During his early days he observed his respected father, Shri B. J. Chintamani, using Kodak Box Camera, and also the processing of film and printing in his make-shift darkroom. Murthy was fascinated by the emerging images that seemed like “magic”. With his father’s help and his own hard work he carved out a ‘niche’ later in the field of creative photography.Murthy shifted to Jabalpur in 1954 and began to further sharpen his skills that gave him confidence to participate in photographic contests at National and International levels.Dr. Murthy has won a number of awards in the contests of art photography organized in India and overseas. The Federation of Indian Photography, Kolkata has felicitated him with its “Fellowship” (FFIP) in 2005 for outstanding work and India International Photographic Council has honoured him with “Platinum Grade” in 2008 for achieving more than 500 acceptances in IIPC approved competitions. He Murthy has been a Member of Jury in several All India competitions of photography. He is sincerely interested in Photo Journalism. Murthy’s news reports and photographic coverage of Jabalpur earthquake in 1997 were released by the Press Trust of India (PTI) and United News of India (UNI). He was honoured with Bharattendu National Journalism Award for his manuscript “Mass Communication and its various Dimensions” in 1989. He was assigned to cover many events and issues for a period of 10 years by General Board of Global Mission (GBGM) for their official publication “New World Outlook” in 1997. This work was published from New York.Presently, Murthy is a Guest Faculty at the Jabalpur University and Women’s College to teach Journalism. Earlier he has taught MBA classes at Xidas, Xavier Institute for Development and Action Studies and at St. Aloysius’s College, Jabalpur.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Insightful Photo-Artist
Deepak Ghosh, LIIPC


Deepak Ghosh is a multitalented artist and has equal command on photography, painting, sculpture art and cartooning. He did graduation in 1976 and then after a Course in Cartooning and Commercial Arts from British Training Institute of Bombay in 1977. His interest in literature motivated him to achieve Sahityaratn in Hindi in 1993. Ghosh has done a Diploma Course in Sculpturing from Rohilkhand University, Bareilly as well.
As his father was seriously fond of photography, Deepak Ghosh obviously got influenced by this art. Knowing his taste, his father encouraged him to carry his hobby seriously. This was 1987 when one of the friends of Deepak Ghosh came from USA. Since he was aware of his friend’s hobby, he gifted him a camera. This gave a boost to the desire of Ghosh. Henceforth Deepak Ghosh never looked back and thus photography art became his companion. Ghosh loves shooting nature, specially flowers and small creatures. His flower-photographs are unique and depict his own style. Doing experiment with light and angles delights him and results into incomparable pictures.
A good number of his photographs have been accepted in national/international exhibitions of art photography. India International Photographic Council, Delhi has honoured him by Bronze Grade Certificate. A good number of his pictures have been displayed in All India Exhibitions held by U.P State Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow. He has got a special award in the photo-contest on the theme, “Bio Diversity” held in Lucknow in 2007. He has to his credit 20 group exhibitions and 02 joint exhibitions in Bareilly and Moradabad. He has been honoured by Snaskar Bharti, a national body and Arohi Kala Sansthan, Moradabad. Deepak Ghosh is a member of India International Photographic Council, Delhi. He is Vice President of Photo Vision Society, Bareilly which aims at promoting art photography.
He has worked as Master Craftsman in MES, Air Force for a period of 39 years (1970 – 2009).

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Brilliant Photo-Artist : Anil Risal Singh, MFIAP, ARPS, AIIPC, FFIP
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Anil Risal Singh (Lucknow, India) is an art lover whose creative expression has no limits. Whether it is landscape photography or presentation of artistic forms, Anil Risal Singh does it all in his own way. His unique style of photography puts him above others. He is a brilliant art photographer with a different vision. Photography is his obsession. He has been perusing photography as a medium of fine arts for last 35 years. He had inclination towards photography since his childhood. In fact he inherited this talent from his father who was an amateur photographer. His journey of art photography began in 1967 when his father gifted him an Agfa Isoly camera. But the serious phase of this journey began when he was doing B.Sc. at Lucknow Christian College. There he started a Photography- Club for students. He did his B.Sc. from Lucknow Christian College in 1974, Post graduation from Lucknow University in 1976 and Diploma in Photography in 1989. An admirer of Ansel Adam, Anil Risal Singh was interested in landscape (mountain scape) photography since very beginning and gradually developed his skills in this direction. He traveled extensively throughout India and abroad for satisfying his desire of landscape photography. In 1978 he came in touch of Kr. Shukdeo Singh ji, a renounced landscape photographer of his times. Kr. Shukdeo Singh’s cooperation and encouraging words added wings to his passion for landscape photography. His Black and White landscapes are marvelous pieces of art. In 1995 he felt an accumulation in his approach when he got inclined towards graphical and geometrical forms found in nature and in man made structures. He has done vast experiments in capturing the forms and the results are tremendous. He has organized a solo exhibition of his pictures depicting forms and shapes in 2005. Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique, France has conferred upon him its biggest honour, Master Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique in the year 2009 for his outstanding photographs of forms. As he is the Head, Photo Division in National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property, Lucknow (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India), another area of his specialization is Archaeological, Museum and Conservation Photography. Here he teaches photography to the trainees of different training courses conducted by NRLC as well. He has been associated with this institution for a period of 27 years. Black & white photography is his first love and he shoots with his analogue camera system till now, although he uses a digital camera system also. Various photographic bodies have honored him for his distinction in Art Photography. Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain honoured him with its Associateship (ARPS) for his black & white landscapes in 1991. In the same year Associatship of India International Photographic Council (AIIPC) was awarded to him. In 1995, Artist Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique (AFIAP) was awarded to him by Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique, France. In 2005, Excellence Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique (EFIAP) and in 2009 Master Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique was conferred upon him by Federation Internationale de l-Art Photographique, France. Federation of Indian Photography has honored him by its Fellowship (FFIP) in the year, 2005. He has achieved about 1500 acceptances in National and International Salons of Photography and won more than 250 awards and honour certificates. Mr. Singh was declared runner-up in Sony World Photography Award Contest in 2008. He personally attended the award ceremony at Cannes. He has to his credit 16 Solo Exhibitions in India and 2 in Atlanta, USA. He was awarded Charles Wallace Professional Grant to visit UK to do landscape photography and study photographic collection in different museums in 1999. Several articles and papers written by him have been published in National journals of Photography. A number of his papers on the subject, “Conservation of Photographic Materials” have been accepted in many International Conferences. This year a paper “Photo-documentation of hidden defects in Paper Painting - A Finger Printing Tool” has been accepted in ICOM-CC 15th Triennial International Conference at New Delhi. Mr. Singh is the Vice-President of Federation of Indian Photography and the President of Lucknow Camera Club.