Saturday, January 8, 2011

“Profile” : A Multifaceted Personality with Camera: Gopal Sharma

A Multifaceted Personality with Camera
Gopal Sharma

Very few persons are versatile. Mr. Gopal Sharma (Bareilly, India) is a person, who is not only multi-talented, but is a great human being as well. A graduate of Architecture from JJ College, Bombay, Gopal Sharma served with Military Engineering Services from 1965 to 2003 as technical officer. Due to his intuitive adventurous spirit, he started trekking and mountaineering during the tenure of his service. Throughout this phase of time, he climbed innumerous peaks in Garhwal, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim and Ladak (all in India), and the great Alps in Italy. The sole purpose behind this act was to satisfy his appetite to know more and more about the geographical characteristics of the above regions. The desire to preserve the memories of these expeditions opened the way to an important field, i.e., photography. Mr. Sharma’s sincere efforts made him a faultless photo artist in a short time. Initially he did not exhibit his photographs in the exhibitions. Photography was just a means to conserve the reminiscence of his expeditions. However the pictures clicked by him were of high standard. It was after the retirement from service, he came in touch of the Photo Vision, a photographic Club of Bareilly. The activities of this club motivated him to take photography art seriously. He organized his first solo exhibition in the year, 2007 in Bareilly. The response of the visitors was very positive. This boosted Mr. Sharma’s zest. Just after, he started participating in the competitions of art photography at National Level. The response was quite satisfactory. Many of his creative images have been accepted in these contests. His photographs are as pure as nature.
The additional interesting aspect of Gopal Sharma’s personality is his longing for motorcycling. He has completed Trans Himalayan Motorcycling Mission and Coastal Motorcycling Expedition around the Indian peninsula successfully. His other hobbies are Hang Gliding, Para Gliding, Rafting and Painting.
He is active member of Council of Architecture New Delhi, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, National Adventure Foundation, New Delhi, India International Photographic Council, New Delhi, Arohi Adventure Club, and Photo Vision, Bareilly.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Nice photograph,Dada
    Thanking you for Sharing your precious memories with us


  3. Thank you for the profile. I think I have met him once in Delhi. The pictures are beautiful. Why don't some of you make a trip to this side some time? It would be nice to get together.
    Jayanta Dutta, Guwahati

  4. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Was delighted to see Mr. Gopal Sharma's superb photographs. From the clarity and tonal gradation, most of them appear to be shot on films - I may be wrong. He has followed every rule in the book for pictorial photography especially in the photograph where the reflection forms a major point of interest. In such pictures a photographer is always tempted to divide the frame into two equal sections which he has very cleverly avoided. Congrats.
    Hope to see more of such wonderful photographs.

    K. B. Jothady APSI- MUMBAI

  5. Thanks for your message.

    A. K. Chaudhuri
    Medical Physicist-cum-RSO

  6. Thanks for sharing beautiful of Shri Gopal Sharma.

  7. Magnificent photographs Gopal ji!!! You may be a light-hearted person, but these mute pictures bespeak volumes about your talent and profundity in this art, not to be taken lightly.
    Keep charming the world with your magic shutter. My best wishes.

  8. I congratulate Mr. Gopal Sharma for these fine illustrations. He seems to be a pure nature lover, as Dr. Pankaj tells about his work too (His photographs are as pure as nature. Keep it up Sir!!!
    Rishabh Tripathi

  9. Nice to see such good photos...

  10. Thank you for introducing such a versatile person.

  11. Dear Sir,
    Lovely photographs of Mr. Gopal Sharma were tagged in your blog. Please convey my CONGRATULATIONS to HIM.
    Raja Sah

  12. well done pankaj ji and gopal ji.
    the combination of two great persons has resulted into a great feature.
    (jairam singh)

  13. We have seen nice photos of Gopal sharma Thanks and convey him my thanks.

  14. Thanks for sharing beautiful of Shri Gopal Sharma.