Saturday, November 19, 2011

"On Project" : Telling Story through Photographs

"On Project"

Telling Story through Photographs


Like various other factors, story-telling value is equally important in photography, particularly in Photo-Journalism branch. If a photograph is capable of giving some strong message, the photographer’s effort is really victorious. In order to get such pictures, a photographer must be vigilant at every moment. A keen observation always helps him to capture unforgettable images. If one has to narrate something absolutely, he/she can click a series of photographs. By doing so, an event can be described more well. Using the continuous shooting and the continuous focusing modes of camera with shutter speed priority option (at high speed, such as 500 or more) is always beneficial, especially when an action is being captured.

Here is a series of three photographs to portray a policeman who is crossing the railway track in a wrong way. The message is, “rules are for everyone and should not be broken at any cost”.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. thx dr. saheb. apka site sare photo dekhte hi aananda aagaya
    Indrajeet malodiya, Indore

  2. What a presentation :-)

    Simranjeet Gill

  3. Sir, I appreciate your effort...

    Asmit Goel (Delhi)

  4. nice capture .....!!!!

    Garima Pandey -Delhi