Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why do we celebrate 19th August as “World Photography Day”

Why do we celebrate

19th August as

“World Photography Day”

19th August is celebrated as "World Photography Day" all over the world every year. Most of us await the day with great enthusiasm and rejoice this day by organizing photo exhibitions, competitions, lectures, workshops, seminars etc. But a very few of us know why 19th August is celebrated as World Photography day. In fact the first announcement of a photograph was made on 19th August, 1839 in France. Francois Arago, 25th Prime Minister of France, on 19th August, 1839, gave a presentation to the French Academie des Sciences and Academie des Beaux Arts, which described Daguerre’s process of photography (Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre was a French artist and physicist. He is recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He is known as one of the fathers of photography). Arago discussed its evaluation, predicted its brilliant future and offered its free use to the world (PSA Journal article, January-1989, 150 Years of Photography, By: Mr. George. E. Helmke, FPSA). In this way, the details of photography process were made public.

The India International Photographic Council (IIPC), New Delhi, under the guidance of its founder, Mr. O. P. Sharma, the world famous pictorial photographer of India, contacted many distinguished photographic luminaries, important ones in the field of photography art and photographic organisations of different countries to set a day to be celebrated as World Photography Day every year. The response was very satisfactory and the proposal was accepted in different countries. India International Photographic Council started celebrating World Photography Day 19th August from 1991. Since then, 19th August is observed as World Photography Day all through the world annually.

-----Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Great Masters"

With Purity of Vision

B. K. Agrawal


Born on 15th February, 1955 at Bolangir, Orissa (India) in a business family, Mr. B. K. Agrawal had deep interest in different games and yoga in his childhood days. His fell in love with photography at the tender age of twelve when his brother gifted him a Kodak box camera. His eternal journey of creativity started step by step with Click III, Billy Record, Yashica Mat, Minolta SRT 303, and finally Nikon. Very soon he built up his own vision to observe the creations of God. He was interested in portraits and figure study since beginning. With his hard working tendency he established his identity as a master of these branches. He portrays human beings with originality of approach. His clicks seem pure, fresh and spontaneous.

Mr. Agrawal has so far 800 acceptances and more than 100 awards in different National and International salons of art-photography. India International Photographic Council has honoured him with most coveted Fellowship (FIIPC) in the year 1999 in Fashion and advertisement section. Academy of Visual Media, New Delhi has honoured him with Life Time Achievement Award in 2007.

He has conducted many fashion photography workshops in different parts of India. He has been a trainer for studio lighting for Companies like Kodak Limited. He is a gracious human being and feels himself in high spirits while helping the art-lovers. His style of educating is so impulsive and effective that even a beginner can easily understand the concepts of art.

Presently he resides in Visakhapatnam and looks his family business in Automobile tyres and tubes.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma