Saturday, January 26, 2013

My View : Respect Our Heritage

-My View-

Respect Our Heritage

The pride of a country resides in its glorious heritage. The noble deeds and valuable thoughts of our ancestors; our precious customs and traditions; literature; art and architecture and a variety of other cultural aspects, altogether form our heritage. This is the duty of every citizen to preserve this legacy. Besides our fundamental rights, there are 10 Fundamental duties in our constitution that the citizens of India are expected to perform. Among them the one is to value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture”.

Unfortunately, many people never seem to be serious towards their fundamental duties. Here the example of glorious historical buildings can be discussed. Our country has a good number of splendid historical buildings almost in every part. Many of them are under the patronage of government. These valued constructions are center of attraction for Indian and foreign tourists. Various such buildings contribute as the identity of our country.

We feel disheartened to notice that some rowdy people mark sleeveless writings or sketches on the walls of such precious buildings. This act not only disgraces the charm of such structure but put a spot of shame on the face of our culture. This ill practice is to be stopped. In my opinion there are two ways to prevent this act. First is to inculcate the awareness among the students towards their heritage since primary level of education. Second is to implement the laws strictly in order to protect the historical buildings against such sick practices. These structures must be kept under thorough observation. If someone is found guilty, he/she must be charged with heavy penalty on the spot.

Above all, this is our duty as well to educate the children in our families regarding the importance of our heritage.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Saturday, January 12, 2013

--Profile-- A Brilliant Nature Photographer: Mohan Gidwani

A Brilliant Nature Photographer: Mohan Gidwani

Born in 1959 in a family of century old confectioners of Delhi (India), “Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners”, Mohan Gidwani graduated from Delhi University and engaged in his family business.
In most of the cases a person has inclination towards arts since his/her childhood days. The same was with Mohan Gidwani. He possessed creative bend of mind since his childhood days. He used to observe the art works of the great masters in the magazines and during the art exhibitions  thoroughly . The images clicked by them touched his soul and motivated him to step into the realm of art. Gradually photography became his obsession.  Mohan Gidwani is a nature lover and he prefers to capture the nature at its best. He believes that photography is a journey of the soul which accompanies an artist throughout his life. Gidwani says, “After so many years of my involvement in creative field, I find photography not as an art only but an integral part of my life. Photography has been a driving “Passion” for me. He further adds, “This art-form  is the uttermost medium of expression. This is just like a “Window” to look into the beautiful picturesque world.”
Gidwani loves simplicity in the images, and thus tries to keep his creations away from complexity. His nature shots take us into a fantastic world at first sight.
He has won more than 400 Awards and Certificates of Merit, and has over 1400 of his works exhibited in International and National photographic Salons.
The India International Photographic Council has honoured him with prestigious Associateship Honour and Diamond Grading. A good number of his photographs have been published in reputed magazines and catalogues. 
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma