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"5th Anniversary" Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography

-5th Anniversary-
“Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography”


I feel extremely happy to share that our blog, “Abhivyakti: Expression through Photography”, has completed five successful years of its voyage and is observing its 5th Anniversary. This blog began in 2009 with the pious goal of sharing the knowledge of Art–Photography among the art enthusiasts. We started our journey with various sections, like Learning, Photo Feature, On Project, Great Masters, Story behind the Picture, Profile, Youth Gallery, etc. Later Dashboard and Event sections were also added to the blog in order to expand the sphere of knowledge. Our chief aim has always been to provide platform to the beginners who have never got the opportunity to showcase their talent. Besides, we aim at sharing the works of the Great Masters so that the novice may have opportunity to learn from them.
The readers and followers work as the strength of any blog like ours. A big number of readers from India and abroad (Denmark, Chile-South America, Brazil, Turkey, Slovenia, UK, Germany etc.) have associated with our blog. Their valuable association and impartial ideas/suggestions have helped us improving the quality of the contents. I’m grateful to all the readers and followers. I assure that our blog will always try its best for the benefit of art lovers in the years to come. Various readers and well wishers have sent their messages and wishes on the occasion of our blog’s 5th Anniversary. Please have a look.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of "Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography", I would like to congratulate Dr. Pankaj Sharma for the fine work he has been doing to promote photography as well as photographers. It is no simple task to write about a photographer or display his work on such regular basis. Please keep up the good work.

Rohinton J. Mehta
Techical Editor-Smart Photography


Dear Mr. Pankaj,

My Heartfelt Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of your "Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography"! Kindly please continue to show us beautiful photos!
My best regards,

Hiroshi Takashina, Managing Director, Nikon India


Art has an indispensable place in our lives and photography is the youngest medium of fine arts today, but perhaps the most aristocratic and powerful with numerous possibilities to experiment with.  In today’s world, photography has become an indispensable part of daily human life. Today photography is the art which, perhaps, influences our lives most directly. Today photography is much more than a technique; it is an art.
Although world’s first photograph was produced in France by Nicephore Niepce in the year of 1826, but it took few more years until 1839 when photographic process ‘Daguerre Type’ invented by French scientist and artist J. Monde Daguerre, was dedicated to mankind by French Academy of Science and Arts and in the same year photography reached the shores of India, and since then it has become the integral part our country’s cultural, historical and aesthetical happenings.
Blogging is very popular these days; it proves useful in learning, exchanging views and thoughts about various important aspects of education, learning and carrier building possibilities, in any particular field.
A Blog – ‘Abhivyakti: Expression through Photography’ owned by Dr. Pankaj Sharma, is very  valuable when it comes to effective learning of photography, I found it very effectual, innovative and educative. I am delighted to know that it is completing six years, on the 5th Anniversary I hearty congratulate him for his valuable efforts, it is certainly the result of his hard work that his Blog has become so popular in short span of time.
On this occasion and for this happening I take this opportunity to warmly extend my best wishes.

Anil Risal Singh-Lucknow
President-Federation of Indian Photography


Dear Dr. Sharma,

 It is a great pleasure to learn that your ever popular blog 'Abhivyakti' is completing 5 years. Right from its inception, your blog has done yeoman service for the budding as well as established photographers by attracting youngsters to the beautiful art of photography, bringing to the forefront many unknown photographers with their superb work etc. Your painstaking efforts in running this blog successfully need to be truly appreciated. The present generation of photography enthusiasts is really lucky to have a guide and guru like you. We, the older generation, lacked this good fortune. What took us years to learn will take the present generation hardly a few days to master under your able leadership. Most hearty congrats once again. As a tribute to your blog, I am taking an opportunity to send you a photograph of Bombay (as it was known then). I shot as a school going kid more than 50 years ago on a Rolleicord twin lens reflex camera and processed myself in Agfa Rodinol developer in a daylight loading tank. May be because of care I took while developing the roll of film that the negative is still in excellent condition.

Kishore B Jothady- Mumbai


Dear Dr. Sharma,

It gives me immense pleasure to write few words on the completion of Glorious five years of your blog" Abhivayakti". During this short span of time your blog has become quite popular among the photographers. My good wishes to you and your blog for the future and hope it will come up with new heights and vibrant colours.

With Regards,

 Subir Roy, Lucknow


Dear Pankaj, 

I enjoy your blog very much and it gives me great inspiration.

William Gaarde-Nissen - Denmark

Hi Pankaj ji,
My Best wishes for your blog for completing 5 years. At an onset I will would like to mention that after referring my pictures and profile in your blog, India’s leading photography magazine Smart Photography recently had published my work  in their column Showcase – “Picturesque Journey” in June’14 edition.
"Abhivyakti: Expression through Photography" is really fantastic and knowledge giving blog. At all times we get to see new and different works of many renowned as well as budding photographers. Hope we all see more in upcoming years and wishing continued success to you and your brain child “ABHIVYAKTI”.
Best Wishes.
Warm Regards,
Atul Chaubey-Mumbai


"Abhivyakti": Expression Through Photography has been a very popular photo blog presenting profiles of great Masters, Articles, Photo features and Theme photos. I enjoyed each and every blog.  Sh. Pankaj Sharma is doing a great work. On the occasion of 5th anniversary, I wish Abhivyakti a grand success.

Mukesh Srivastava-Ajmer


Dear Sir,

With great pride for your blog, i would like to convey my heartiest congratulations to you for completing five yours of encouragements to many photographers.
Your blog is providing ample amount ex poser and confidence to new upcoming photographers.
Hoping you and your blog infinite continuity and beyond.
God bless.   

--Vaibhav Jaguste, Thane (Maharashtra)

Priy Pankaj,
Hearty Congratulations on 5 th Anniversary of 'Abhivyakti '.
Wishing You all the best for your commendable efforts towards promotion of photography.
Once again 'Bahut-Bahut Mubaarak'.
Lots of Love :)
 Bindu Arora-Lucknow


"Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography", the photography blog conceived by Dr. Pankaj Sharma is now in its 5th birthday. It calls for a lot of pain, dedication and love to sustain, grow and popularize such a brain child, and fortunately for all the photo-lovers, Dr. Pankaj Sharma has them all and in ample. I feel proud to know Dr. Pankaj Sharma and to get associated with this blog in some way. Earnestly I hope that this endeavor of Dr. Pankaj Sharma to showcase photographers and photography to the world in a unique way will reach newer heights in the years to come.

S. P. Mukherji - Kolkata


Dear Dr Pankaj Sharma Ji,

Kindly accept good wishes from the bottom of my heart on the 5th anniversary of your blog "Abhivyakti, Expressions through photography".
I wish to express gratitude to you for the noble work you have been doing in the field of art photography. I feel that in today's materialistic and fast life, it is not very easy for anybody to perform like Dr. Pankaj Sharma for such a long time with amazing zeal and energy.
I wish Dr. Pankaj Sharma a very happy and healthy life so that we may continue to see beautiful expressions through the photography forever.

With best regards,
Dr. Kamran Khan - Bareilly

Hello Pankaj ji,

My hearty congratulations for the fifth anniversary of your blog "Abhivyakti: Expression through Photography". It is great to see that so many photographers are the part of your Blog.  I feel happy to see excellent works and to learn from this blog. This all is due to your hard work Pankaj ji. You are doing wonderful job. Keep it up. My best wishes are always with you. Proud to be a part of it...

Warm Regards,

Mohan Gidwani - Delhi


Dear Pankaj ji,

Wishes from Panaji-Goa. I am glad to know that our Blog, Abhivyakti: Expression through photography is successfully stepping in its 6th year. It has given Great Masters, serious enthusiasts and amateur photographers a good platform to showcase their creative works.  Also your articles on different subjects have been helping many of us to learn more and more. Thank you from bottom of my heart for your kind service to promote Photography Art thorough your blog. I wish many more Pictorial Anniversaries of this blog in future.
Happy Anniversary J
With Thanks and Regards : - Shubham Bhavatu…

Chandan D. N. Gaonkar (LIIPC, IIPC Bronze) - Panaji-Goa


Dear Dr. Pankaj,  

                      I would like to mention on the eve of Blog's 5th anniversary that your sincere & untiring effort, weeks after week, updating with variety of subject matters, is making it popular among photo fraternity.


Virendra Singh, AFIAP, FFIP, AIIPC (Jamshedpur)


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”........ But your blog is amazing and exceptional. I can see, touch and even feel it through you and your ideas. Best wishes!

-Dilip Lokre- Indore


पंकज  भाई 
आप   के द्वारा शुरू  किया  गए       blog, "Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography" के 5 वर्ष पूर्ण होने  पर  आप को बहुत बहुत  बधाई,
आप के  ब्लॉग पर   फोटोग्राफी में  माहिर कलाकारों का  अद्भुत काम देखने को मिला ,
उम्मीद हे आप के और अपने सदस्यों का आर्टिस्टिक वर्क आगे भी देखने को मिलता रहेगा 

कैलाश मित्तल (Kailash Mittal) Indore


It is really awesome going through this blog. I found this blog a complete mix of, creativity, enthusiasm, motivation and technical information about photography. I wish you all the best and look forward to many more additions of write ups to this blog.

Seema Chaubey-Mumbai


Dear Pankaj ji,

I heartily congratulate you on the completion of fifth year of your prestigious Photo Blog. You have been presenting the works of best photographers and none the less the tips and tricks of Photography supported by excellent examples.

I heartily wish that this beautiful Photo Blog continues infinitely.

With All the Best Wishes.

Tilak Haria, Mumbai


Heartiest congratulations on the successful completion of 5 years of your blog  "Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography"
Keep on flying year by year and let people like us to learn out of it. Best wishes for coming years.


Prof. Dinesh Sharma, Mumbai.


Dear Pankaj ji,

It is a matter of great pleasure and pride that feature on Photography has completed five years.
Like to put on record your unending efforts for this success and wish you all the best.
This feature has been a great tool for learning for the beginners and semi pros.
Once again I wish the feature a great success.

A. P. Laitu. Dubai


It is matter of great pride that “Abhivyakti”, the photography blog perceived by Dr. Pankaj Sharma is going strong and is reaching its 5th birthday soon. This blog is such a wonderful platform for display works of budding photographers and also a place to learn about photography by seeing the works of great masters. My heartfelt thanks to Dr.  Pankaj Sharma for such an effort and wish him all success in the future.

 -Sudipta Das, Raiganj


“I am really thankful to Dr. Pankaj Sharma for creating “ABHIVYAKTI- EXPRESSION THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY”
This blog openly shares and teaches the art of converting a photograph into a lively expressive landscape. In this busy world people don’t find much time for their hobbies. I being a doctor follow this blog regularly and try to learn this art by following easy guidelines, experiences and outputs mentioned there.
I highly appreciate this blog, congratulate on its 5th anniversary and hope that the will continue the good work..."

-Dr. Chakshu Mishra 
M.D (Homeopathy), C.S.D (MUMBAI), A.C.P.E.M.S (APOLLO)


Happy anniversary.
All my best wishes for the hard work for the last years and years to come.

Sitanath Paul


  1. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Thanks for the info. Wish you a grand success of the ceremony.
    A. K. Chaudhuri.

  2. Congrats, Pankaj ji :-)

    Thanks for sharing beautiful images all these years.

    Best luck for future endeavors.
    Abhijit Dharmadhikari-

  3. Dear sir

    congratulation and wish for the success for next five years also

    thanks and regards

    -Chetan Soni

  4. Congrats!!!!

    Seema Chaubey-Mumbai.

  5. Dear Dr.Pankaj Ji,

    I am fortunate to witness the birth

    to the 5th birthday journey of Abhivyakti.

    A photography blog very unique in its own

    way in the service of photography.

    Congratulations & My Best Wishes on its 5th Anniversary... :)



  6. congrats , pankaj sab keep it up all the best ,, god bless you

    Firoze Shakir - Mumbai

  7. congrats and keepitup sir (Seshu Babu - Guntur)

  8. Dear Pankaj ji,

    I heartily congratulate you on the completion of fifth year of your prestigious Photo Blog. You have been presenting the works of best photographers and none the less the tips and tricks of Photography supported by excellent examples.
    I heartily wish that this beautiful Photo Blog continues infinitely.

    With All the Best Wishes.
    Tilak Haria (Mumbai)

  9. Good spirit. May it grow exponentially ! (Chintamani Sabhahit - Mumbai)

  10. 'अभिव्यक्ति' के पाँच सफलतम वर्षों का सफर फोटोग्राफी के प्रति आपकी अथक लगन और मेहनत का परिणाम है। आपका ब्लॉग फोटोग्राफी के बेहतरीन ब्लॉगों में से एक है। जिसमें फोटोग्राफी के प्रति आपकी श्रृद्धा आपके द्वारा ली गई तस्वीरों में स्पष्ट तौर पर झलकती है। अभिव्यक्ति की सालगिरह की पुनश्च बधाई पंकज जी।
    - गायत्री शर्मा (Indore)

  11. Sir, Heartiest Congratulations. Happy Anniversary. :-)
    Chandan D. N. Gaonkar
    Panaji (GOA)

  12. like to cogratulate Dr.Pankaj Sharma for successful 5th Anniversary of "Abhivyakti' : Expression Through Photography". This is not only a photography blog but very informative.
    ​Shekhar Roy

  13. Pankaj bhai ko -5th Anniversary-
    “Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography” par bahut bhut badhai....!!!

    With Regards

    Upendra Upadhyay

  14. Hearty congratulations, Pankaj ji!
    I am sure your blog will be a wonderful source of inspiration to many up-coming photographers like me.

    Thanks for sharing lovely images!

  15. Congrats .... Long way to Go ... (y)


    Joydep Mukherjee - Kolkata

  16. Sadar Badhai Mitra.
    Namaskar Bareilly (News Paper)

  17. Hearty Congratulations..
    B.K.Agrawal-FIIPC, Visakhapatnam.

  18. Congratulation abhivyakti bolg n dear Pankaj Sharma sir...!!! n m very lucky to the part of this our blog....!
    Saurabh Chaphekar - Thane (Maharashtra)

  19. सालगिरह की बहुत बहुत बधाई पंकज जी
    कैलाश मित्तल- Indore

  20. Heartly Congratulations. Happy Anniversary.
    From all
    Almora photo and art club members

  21. Wish you a grand success of the ceremony.

  22. Congratulation & Best Wishes on the 5th Anniversary.
    Vinay Parelkar (Mumbai)

  23. Congrats and u may do many more good works
    threesh kapoor

  24. Congrats happy 5th aniversary.
    Vemuluri Nagarajudevara - Khammam.

  25. बधाई मित्र, ये यात्रा अनवरत चलती रहे,,,,,निरंतर.... (Sharad Mishra - Bareilly)

  26. masterpiece pictures are here....all the best to journey ahead....pankaj ji......
    Vraj Mistry (Ahmedabad)

  27. Dear Dr. Pankaj,
    Congrats on 5 th Anniversary of 'Abhivyakti '. A big hug and take care

  28. Congratulation & Best Wishes on the 5th Anniversary
    Akhil Hardia and all members of Camera Club of Indore