Saturday, August 30, 2014

Event : "8th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2014"

 “8th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2014”

Photography is an important branch of fine art today. The contribution of India International Photographic Council for encouraging this form of art is praiseworthy. The IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest is one of the important annual events of the council. This event aims at promoting the photography art selflessly.

The response of participants towards “8th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2013” was optimistic. A good number of entries (Nearly 615) from the photography enthusiasts of different regions of India were received in five categories, namely Black and White Pictorial, Colour Pictorial, Nature, Photo-Journalism and Photo-Travel. About 179 photographs got acceptances, 10 photographs received awards and 15 photographs got Certificates of Merit. 

Dr. Pankaj Sharma, AIIPC, FFIP, AICS, IIPC Platinum, Mr. Bijan Das, LIIPC,  Mr. Gopal Sharma, Dr. Kamran Khan, LIIPC  and Mr. Satpal Singh, AIIPC, AICS were Jury Members.

Jury Members (Left to right) Mr. Bijan Das, Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Gopal Sharma, Dr. Kamran Khan, Mr. Satpal Singh and (Extreme Right) Mr. Sanjay Jaiswal (Joint Secretary, Photo Vision)

Photo Vision, Bareilly orgainsed the exhibition of selected photographs on 19 and 20 August, 2014 in IMA HallFamous educationist Professor N. L. Sharma was the chief guest of inaugural function. He accepted photography as the strongest means of expression and an important branch of fine art. A good number of art-lovers visited the show on both days. Mr. Deepak Ghosh (Vice President) welcomed the guests, Dr. Pankaj Sharma (Secretary) told about the activities of IIPC and Photo Vision and Mr. Sanjay Jaiswal (Joint Secretary) gave vote of thanks. Mr. Gopal Sharma (President) presided over the function.

The function was the result of joint efforts of Photo Vision’s members. Mrs. Prerna Verma and Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma (Patrons of Photo Vision), Dr. Kamran Khan (Joint Secretary, Mr. Bijan Das (Vice President), Mr. Bipin Mehra (Cashier), Dr. Anupam Sharma (Advisor) Dr. T. K. Verma, Mr. Ajit Chatterji, Mr. Sachin Gaur, Mr. Satpal Singh, Mr. Sushil Saxena, Mr. Vimal Singh, Miss Priyanka Sharma and Dr. Goyal deserve appreciation for their valuable support. The precious cooperation of Dr. Mridula Sharma is worth mentioning.

 -Dr. Pankaj Sharma (Contest Chairman)

-The Award Winning Photographs-

"Washing",  Award - Black and White Pictorial Section
Vemuluri Nagaraju Devara - Khammam

"Noor",  Cash Award - Black and White Pictorial Section
Bhargav Harge - Nizamabad

"Brick World", Award - Colour Pictorial Section 
T. Veerebhadra Rao - Kakinada

"In Dense Forest", Cash Award - Colour Pictorial Section
Subhash Jirange - Mumbai

"Tiger Family at Water Hole", Award - Nature Section
B. C. Manjappa - Bangalore

"For Nest", Cash Award - Nature Section
Ch. V. S. Vijayabhaskara Rao, Vijayawada

"Holi Hai Bhai", Award - Photo Journalism Section
Samir Madhukar Mohite - Mumbai

"Off the Route", Cash Award - Photo Journalism Section
Nagesh Sakpal - Mumbai

"Attention", - Award - Photo Travel Section
V. K. R. S. Sarma, Nedunuru

"Aaloy Chhayay", Cash Award - Photo Travel Section
Amal Krishna Das, Howrah


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  5. Beautiful photos...congrats to all the winners
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