Saturday, August 16, 2014

-Profile- “Following the Passion” : Seema Chaubey

“Following the Passion”
Seema Chaubey

“Photography is not a work but passion” is truly exemplified in Seema Chaubey’s photography creations over the years. Having worked for top MNC’s and an alumnus of most prestigious IIM Calcutta, her photographs have been featured in some of the noteworthy photography exhibitions. Also she has been on the panel of jury for several photography pages.
Hailing from Varanasi and settled in Mumbai, she has ample opportunity to capture the diversity of the country through lens. Portraits and nature photography are her forte.  She uses photography as a real and powerful means of communicating with people.
A well-educated and qualified professional with Masters in Physical Chemistry, Diploma in Graphics Design and EPBM from IIM Calcutta, she has carved out a niche for herself in fiercely competitive world of photography in Mumbai.  Enthused by the support, advice and demand of well-wishers and clients, she cofounded “Nostalgia Photography” to cater to the needs of wedding photography. Today “Nostalgia” is leading wedding photography brand in Mumbai and is featured in leading matrimony portals of the country like and
She also has her own facebook page and webpage namely, Seema Chaubey Photography to display some of her works.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Very crisp & shine ...
    Greetings for Seema ji and thanks for sharing Pankaj ji

  2. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thanks for the real life pics. Keep well.


    A. K. Chaudhury.

  3. Amazing pieces of art !!!
    (Anushka Goyal)

  4. Seema is doing good job. God bless her with lot of success and inner

    Anjini Laitu , Dubai.

  5. sooo beaut pic look cute.
    Maria Diaz Diaz, Panaji

  6. Wow..
    Sudipta Das, Raiganj (W.B)

  7. Salute to you Dear Pankaj ji for motivating,and exposing many Photo Artist's through your Blog. it's a very Nobel Service. Thanks a ton.
    Chandan D. N. Gaonkar (Paqnaji-Goa)
    (Through facebook)

  8. simply superb. -- aniket deshmukh.

  9. Nice photos. Keep the work up....

  10. Excellent Images !!! Thanks for sharing Sir.

  11. Excellent photos!! Proud to know Seema Jee....

  12. Really,expressions and gestures are captured very beautifully.Congrats.
    Geetika Verma - Noida

  13. Excellent work...
    thanks for sharing pankaj sir

  14. seema I have always been your fan as a determined human being but your photography is added in the list of things for which I am your fan!!!!!!