Sunday, January 24, 2016

-Youth Gallery- In Pursuit of Nature and Wildlife Photography: Arjun Haarith

-Youth Gallery-
In Pursuit of Nature and Wildlife Photography
Arjun Haarith

Born in the garden city of Bangalore on December 16th, 1989, Arjun Haarith has deep inclination towards nature since his childhood days.
He used to accompany his uncle Mr. H Satish (who is a famous wildlife photographer) during the initial days of his career. Mr. Satish used to take him for bird watching and nature trips, which helped him to become a Nature and Wildlife lover. Due to his uncle’s companionship, he understood many things about wildlife and Nature conservation. Whenever he used to see the beautiful wildlife images of his uncle, he dreamt of being a wildlife photographer. Mr. Satish’s passion and dedication for nature and wildlife inspired Arjun to become a Nature/Wildlife photographer.
Back in 2007, he started to take this hobby seriously which then became his favorite passion. Arjun has traveled to many places in India till date. Now travelling the places has become his serious hobby. His father, who is a person with varied interests and hobbies, always inspires him in his endeavors.
Nature and Wildlife are Arjun’s main interest in photography, but he likes to photograph people and street as well.
Of late, he is trying his hand in Astronomical photography, Night sky and Time lapse. The results in this field are equally good.
He has done his engineering in the Information science discipline, at SJBIT, Bangalore and is currently working as a Software Engineer in Adobe.
Arjun is a recipient of various acclaimed photographic awards and many of his photographs have been exhibited in different salons across the India. Some of his pictures have been published in WWF calendar, Better photography magazine, BNHS greeting cards and many other travel guides and books.
 --Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dashboard : Galloping Rhino

Galloping Rhino
This time I am before you with a photograph titled, “Galloping Rhino”. I was on a trip to Dudhwa National Park of U.P (India) during the May of 2015. This park is situated in the Terai area spread near the Indo-Nepal border in the Lakhimpur Kheri District (U.P). This place has buffer of reserved forest areas on the northern and southern sides. Major attractions of Dudhwa National Park are the tigers, swamp deer, rhinoceros , sambar deer, barking deer, spotted deer, jackal, wild Boar etc. I had an elephant safari in the grassland of this park on one pleasant morning. There I spotted few Rhinos who were busy in grazing. I suddenly noticed a young Rhino who seemed over alert of our presence. As our elephant proceeded towards him, it started running from the spot where it was grazing. Rhino’s movement was quite thrilling. We stopped going ahead and began to click the interesting gallop.  A few frames were clicked at continuous shooting mode of camera. This is one of them. The speed of shutter was kept at high end in order to capture the fast move of Rhino. I used a Nikon D 90 Camera to take this picture. The lens was Nikon, 70-300 mm.
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma