Sunday, August 28, 2016

-Event- “10th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2016”

“10th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2016”

         Photography is a very popular way of expressing the vision today. The India International Photographic Council’s role in encouraging art of photography is praiseworthy. The IIPC conducted 10th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest very recently.  A good number of entries (Nearly 500) from the participants of around 10 states of India were received in five sections, i.e. Black and White Pictorial, Colour Pictorial, Nature, Photo-Journalism and Photo-Travel. A number of photographs got acceptances, 10 photographs won awards and 15 photographs received Certificates of Merit. The award winners are:

Mr. Amal Krishna Das (Howrah), Mr. Radharapu Kumaraswami (Karimnagar), Mr. Vishwas Morye (Mumbai), Mr. Subhash Jirange (Mumbai), Mr. Kothroju Yadagiri (Warangal),  Mr. B. C. Manjappa (Bangalore), Mr. Anup Sah (Nainital) and Mr. Deepak Bartakke (Mumbai).

The jury members were Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Bijan Das, Mr. Gopal Sharma, Dr. Kamran Khan and Mr. Satpal Singh.

 Photo Vision conducted the exhibition of finest photographs of the competition on 20 and 21 August – 2016 in IMA Hall Bareilly. Miss Shraddha Saxena, a renowned social worker and Gen. Secretary of United Nation’s Youth Association of India was the chief guest of inaugural function. A good number of art lovers visited the exhibition on both days.

Photo Vision’s members, Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma, Mrs. Prerna Verma (Patrons), Mr. Deepak Ghosh, Dr. Anupam Sharma, Dr. Mridula Sharma, Dr. T. K. Verma, Dr. Lovelesh Dutt (Joint Secretary), Mr. Rakesh Kachchal, Mr. Bipin Mehra (Treasurer), Mr. Sushil Saxena, Mr. Ajit Chatterjee, Mr. Sharad Mishra, Miss Priyanka Sharma, Mr. Abhishek Dwivedi, Mr. Anand Prakash Srivastava gave their valuable contribution for the success of this event. The efforts of Mr. Rohit Jaat, Mr. Rohit Umrao, Mr. Sachin Gaur and Mr. Harsh Nigam are greatly admired.
 -Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Contest Chairman

                                 EKI LABANYE (Award-Black & White Pictorial Section)
Mr. Amal Krishna Das, Howrah

GROUP OF CAMELS (Cash Award- Black & White Pictorial Section)
Radharapu Kumaraswami, Karimnagar

BARATI (Award, Colour Pictorial Section)
Mr. Vishwas Morye, Mumbai

SHLOKA WITH FLUTE (Cash Award, Colour Pictorial Section)
Mr. Subhash Jirange, Mumbai

Mr. B.C. Manjappa, Bangalore

PROTECTION (Cash Award, Nature Section)
Mr. Anup Sah, Nainital

RAJA (Award, Photo Journalism Section)
Mr. Subhash Jirange, Mumbai

 MID-DAY MEALS AT SCHOOL (Cash Award, Photo Journalism Section)
Mr. Kothroju Yadagiri, Warangal

PANGONG LAKE (Award, Photo Travel Section)
Mr. Subhash Jirange, Mumbai

MOODY STORM (Cash Award, Photo Travel Section)
Mr. Deepak Bartakke, Mumbai

Miss Shraddha Saxena inaugurating the exhibition

Dr. Lovelesh Dutt addressing the art lovers

 Photo Visioin's Members with the Chief Guest, Miss Shraddha Saxena
Standing (Left to right) : Mr. Sharad Mishra, Mr. Abhishek Dwivedi Mr. Satpal Singh, Dr. Tarun Kumar Verma, Dr. Lovelesh Dutt
Sitting (Left to right) : Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Gopal SharmaShraddha Saxena and Mr. Deepak Ghosh

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Obituary: Krishna Kumar Marfatia and Vipul Verma


God is the supreme controller of this world. Birth and demise are determined by him. We mourn deeply on the heavenly departure of our beloved ones, but cannot stop this natural phenomenon. Two of our beloved artists left us recently. One was Shri Krishna Kumar Marfatia of Mumbai and another was Shri Vipul Verma of Almora. We will always remember them for their valuable contribution in the field of art photography.

Krishna Kumar Marfatia

Born on 30 December, 1927, Krishna Kumar Marfatia was an ace photographer. Mr. Marfatia had passion for photography since the early days of his life. He was a good pictorial photographer. He was deeply inclined towards photographing portraits and landscapes. Besides, he was an enthusiastic traveller. He had visited numerous places of India and abroad. He photographed a number of scenic places as a true travel photographer. The pictures clicked by him fascinate the art lovers at first sight and work as a source of knowledge to the beginners. 
He had profound leaning towards education. He remained at key position in several educational institutions. He departed to the heavenly abode on 17 July 2016 in his native city, Mumbai. He will always be remembered for his precious contribution in the field of photography and education.

Vipul Verma

Born on 28 October, 1996 in Almora (Uttarakhand) Vipul Verma was an emerging photo-artist. He was an avid traveller and a competent tracker. He had travelled Uttarakhand State extensively in a short phase of time. Vipul had clicked stunning pictures during his trips to different pretty places of his State. The main field of his interest was landscape photography. Besides, he loved to click star trails. Vipul had established himself as a fine photographer at a very young age. He left us on 14 July, 2016. He will always remain in our memories for his polite nature and mastery over photography.