Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Profile : Journey…through the eyes of an artist : Gurdeep Dhiman

Journey…through the eyes of an artist
Gurdeep Dhiman
Born in a very small village, ‘LASARI’ of Punjab (India)  in 1979, Gurdeep Dhiman studied at Department of Fine Arts, Kurukshetra University where he obtained M.A. in Drawing & Painting. He always felt that Photography is one such creative medium which can capture everlasting golden moments for years that can be remembered and enjoyed forever.  Eventually in 2013, he went through the creative photographs  of  Sebastiao Salgado which left a profound effect on his vision and transparency regarding photography.
Afterwards creative works of renowned photographers such as Henri Cartier, Jimmy Nelson, Raghu Rai, Steve McCurry etc. left a big impact on his vision of creativity. He started realising Photography as a vast ocean.  His desire was not only to swim on the surface of this ocean but to measure all depths, and this was possible only due to hard work and continuous efforts. He started to pay attention into this genre of photography very seriously and gradually his works started to be recognized in the realm of art. His pictures, specially portraits and landscapes have their own identity due to their unique presentation. 
Gurdeep says “I very much like to work on long-term projects…There is time for the photographer and the people in front of the camera to understand each other. There is time to go to a place and understand what is happening there. …When you spend more time on a project, you learn to understand your subjects. There comes a time when it is not you who is taking the pictures. Something special happens between the photographer and the people he is photographing. He realizes that they are giving the pictures to him.”

--Pankaj Sharma


  1. I personally know Gurdeep Dhiman - a very Jovial, lively and kind hearted person, a Good Photographer Artist with a special eye for the BEAUTY.

    I am confident he will rise to a great height.

  2. The clicks shown in the story are showing अभिव्यक्ति of his introspective vision,and no doubt he has especial eye for creativity.

  3. Beautiful image's. Very Creative and Aesthetically pleasing... ❤️

  4. Very happy to see your beautiful work and passion towards your work . Wishing you lots of success in achieving your ambition.. Good luck Dear... .