Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Friends,

A resident of Bareilly (India), Anuj Sharma, LIIPC is an enthusiastic photo artist. His foremost hobby is to travel and photograph the places around his country. He takes keen interest in collecting important information about different places and people. His other hobbies are archaeology, trekking and reading books about Indian Culture. He is a teacher of social science in a reputed school of Bareilly. He has contributed his artistic work in this blog previously also (June-2009). This time he is before us with some of his Travel Photographs. Please have joy of his photographs.

---Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Friends
Nature has blessed the earth with a variety of beautiful elements. Among them are diverse wild plants which give us ideal opportunity for excellent photographs. These plants are rich in dissimilar forms and shapes. Below mentioned points are useful in taking the photographs of these elements:
(1) We should try to shoot them in the soft light of early morning or of late evening as this light gives lively results. We can make use of this light as per our aim and requirement.
(2) A simple composition is an essential basis of a good photograph of these elements.
(3) Our aim should be to highlight the main subject strongly.
(4) Aesthetical presentation can add a lot to a picture. So we have to aim at presenting the subject artistically and in a different way.
This time I am before you with some photographs of different wild plants. Please sit serenely and watch these photographs.
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Friends,

There are ample possibilities of creation in digital medium. We can create unbelievable pieces of art in this means. This time I am before you with some of my digitally created photographs once again. These pictures are based purely on my imagination. I have created these photographs by combining various images together in Photo Shop. Please sit tranquilly and enjoy these constructions.

---Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Friends,
“Still life” is an exciting branch of photography art. Unlike other branches of photography, this branch has no limits of creation. In this stream we can create a piece of art in whatever way we like. The essential basics for still life photography are proper selection/arrangement of the objects and co-relation between them, pleasant-sounding, rhythm, good composition, pictorial value, soothing colours of objects, harmonization between objects and background, appropriate use of light, suitable equipment etc. But the most important things are our imagination and pre visualization of the final output. Regular practice with all above essentials makes one perfect in taking excellent still life shots.
Here are a few still life photographs. Please have a glance.
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Friends,

Tamma Srinivasa Reddy (born 1968 in Andhra Pradesh, India) is a gifted Lensman. Interest in photography had its inception in his childhood that later shaped itself into a personal etiquette with all possible efficacy in the art of taking photographs. The urge has been kept alive till date. His amateurish stint in photography metamorphosed into a serious professionalism from 1984 onwards. As a student of social work his field study during 1992 took him into the world of tribes of Andhra Pradesh. The academic mandate juxtaposed with his ability in the art of taking photographs came very handy during period. In the process, the tribal etiquette, the lifestyles, the pure pastoral characteristics, the extant tribal customs, the unique behavioral patterns, the gait and body language, the colourful attires and the exclusive tribal domesticities attracted the eye of his professional imagination. His interest in making portfolio series on the indigenous tribes and pastoral life has received a great fillip today.

Honors, awards and laurels have come rolling Mr. Reddy’s way. Among others the Associateship of ICS (Image Colleague Society) USA, RPS (Royal Photographic Society) UK, IIPC (India International Photographic Council), BPPA (British institute of professional photography-UK) and Fellowship from the Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) are the epitomes for his dedication and excellence in the field.
His very recent achievement is the reputed Fellowship of Photography Society of Singapore (FPSS). He personally received this honour in Singapore from the Singapore’s High Commissioner to Kenya.

He regularly participates in the national/international level competitions conducted by PSA, RPS, IIPC, PSS, BPPA, and FIP. A big number of his photographs have been accepted and awarded in these competitions. Presently he is associated with India Today (Telugu Version) as photo journalist. Mr. Reddy regularly contributes his works to various other journals and periodicals as well. His photographs have found place in the prestigious international journals like ‘National Geography’.
Mr. Reddy is a soulful photo artist. The unflagging zeal for photography keeps him alive. His tryst with camera is a continuing saga.

---Dr. Pankaj Sharma