Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Master of Desert - Photography: Prof. Shivji Joshi
Dear Friends,
A resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India), Professor Shivji Joshi is a retired Professor of Philosophy. He has a keen interest in photography since long. His special interest is in 'Desert Photography' and he is well known for his lovely desert-pictures. Prof. Shivji has to his credit 900 acceptances and 125 awards in National and International competitions of photography art. A good number of his pictures have been published in different reputed magazines. He has been invited as jury member in various competitions of photography-art at national and international levels. Soft-spoken and generous, Prof. Shivji is always ready to help the art lovers. He feels delighted in sharing his knowledge with artists.
---- Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Sand dunes are wonderful sculpture itself. And prof. Shivji captured these so perfectly.
    Very Interesting pictures!
    warm regards
    Ankur Thatai

  2. Excellent desert-scapes.
    Anil Risal singh

  3. These pictures are very near to the paintings on the canvas.

    Anuj Sharma.

  4. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Prof. Shivji-Sir and desert are made for each other. Almighty God has put both of them close to each other so that Shivji-Sir can capture the beauty of His desert creations like nobody else.
    It is the same thing with you and Uttarakhand.

    K. B. Jothady APSI