Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Friends,
Here is a report by Indraneel Sen which throws light on "Durga Puja" in Delhi.
-- Dr. Pankaj Sharma.
Durga Puja was celebrated with high spirit in Delhi. Chittaranjan Park, which is better known as second Kolkata, was the centre of this puja. Other important areas were Karol Bagh, Mayur Vihar, Safdarjung Enclave and Pusa. The notable feature of this year's Durgapuja was the 100th celebration of Puja at Kashmeri Gate. It began its innings here in the year, 1910. With the starting of the Durga Puja, there was an immense excitement among the craftsmen and artists to give an excellence to their art works. Children were very much excited about Puja and moreover about their colourful dresses. Age was not a bar for the celebrations and the people of every age had a great zeal in their hearts. Different varities of famous Bengali sweets were on the stands. Pandal-decorations were quite attracting this time. The devotees meditated, danced and enjoyed the ambience of the occasion at worship places. The traditional Sindoor Khela was also performed by the married women. The curtain came down today, i.e. the Dashami (28th September, 2009) when the idols were immersed at the Wazirabad Ghat at the banks of the Yamuna river. To conclude, during the time of immersion, the chants came out," Asche Bochor Abaar Hobe" which means, “the Pujas will come up in the next year again”.
(Report and Photographs by- Indraneel Sen, New Delhi)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Friends
Small creatures have their own world which is unique in itself. Most of us do not try to see their world. I have attempted to highlight their incomparable world through my camera. Here are some photographs of different small creatures.
 --- Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Wednesday, September 9, 2009