Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Photo Feature" : Autumn in US

" Photo Feature "
Autumn in US
Mr. Kishore B Jothady (Mumbai, India) is a photo-artist of high aesthetic sense. Retired from a German Multinational Company as Customer Service Executive in its International Order Processing Department, Mr. Jothady has intense obsession for photography art since long. He commands over various branches of photography, such as travel, black and white, architectural, landscape etc. He has received numerous awards for his art-photographs. This time he is before us with his experience of photographing colourful autumn in America. Having a look on his feature, “Autumn in US” will certainly take us into an amazing world.......
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma
"When I was holidaying in US for 6 months in 2007, I was lucky enough to experience almost all the seasons that wonderful country could offer. I reached Charlotte, a quaint little hill town in June. It was mid-summer with soft but bright sunlight with sparkling blue and unpolluted sky. Afterward I experienced spring with colourful flowers all around in the well-manicured parks and gardens dotting the town. Then there came a brief monsoon and finally, the wonderful season that I was awaiting with unabated breath, the wonderful autumn. The peak of this season begins in northern mountains sometime in mid November, and moving coastward the peak usually is in late November. I was supposed to return to India during fourth week of November. Therefore, instead of waiting for fall to descend down to where I was, I decided to travel North West to see if I would be lucky enough to get a glimpse of that splash of colours the nature would offer. I travelled almost 600 miles in two days (not much in US) and got some good pictures. But imagine my surprise when I returned to my complex, I found the maple trees all around our apartments were splashed in more colours than those around the famous Smoky Mountains. The locals told me that in that year the fall had arrived early. Perhaps the nature was more eager to present this over enthusiastic photographer, who had come all the way from over 10,000 miles away, with all its beauty to last him for a lifetime before he returned to his native place. I shot a few thousand images. Thank god, I am in the digital age.
Nature's annual autumn color festival is certainly one of the greatest shows on earth. Each fall, millions of trees in the eastern deciduous forests respond to the shorter days and cooler nights by beginning preparations for their dormant winter period. It is just business as usual for the trees, but for us photographers, it is a spectacular display of the beauty and diversity of nature. Locals claim that autumn is more glorious in Aspens, Maples, and Birches. There is no better time of year to take landscape photos than autumn. Those wonderful blue-sky days of October naturally lead anyone with a camera to want to record the glorious fall color."
When is the best time of day to photograph fall colors?
Any time is good time for autumn photography. If it looks good to your eyes, it will produce good photographs.
Is it a good idea to use filters when taking pictures of fall colors?
I have used a polarizing filter in most of my pictures for obvious reasons– to darken and enrich the blue of the sky and to saturate the leaf colours.
---Kishore. B. Jothady


  1. Today's blog post is rich of colours. Autumn in cold countries is really worth watching. Thank you,
    --Gopal Sharma

  2. Shri Kishorji is a senior photographer. His pictures of USA and particularly the autumn scenes are exclusive and beautiful. Thanks for sharing his beautiful pictures. It is my previlege to know Kishorji personally.- Tilak Haria

  3. Dear Doctor:
    Mr. Jothady has created appreciable American Autumn atmosphere for viewers!.
    Three cheers!!

  4. i like your blog.

    Kuldeep Singh

  5. Pankaj Sir, Fantastic autumn .
    Great shots by Yuwaraj too.

    Raja Sah - Nainital

  6. Images of Kishorji are great. Thanks lots for sharing.

    chandan d.n.gaonkar(goa)

  7. Thank you Sir for sharing your wonderful work...the pictures are really awesome.


    Anwarali Kapasi

  8. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thanks for sending lovely pics. Keep well.

    A. K. Chaudhuri

  9. Nice autum in us clicked by Mr.K.B.Jothady.

  10. amazing world this is..
    (ruchi agnihotri)

  11. I like the photographs of this post. Well done Mr. Jothady and Dr.Pankaj.
    AMIT SINGH-Delhi