Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Reminiscence" : My Trip to Lucknow

My Trip to Lucknow

Dear Friends,
Few memories remain in our heart eternally. The same is with my recent trip to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh (India). I was in Lucknow on 11 and 12 January, 2011 to attend the prize distribution ceremony of 9th All India Competition of Art Photography-2010-11, organized by U.P State Lalit Kala Akademy. Mr. Swarnendu Ghosh from Kolkata, Mr. Pulkit Rawat with his father, Mr. Pravin Rawat from Indore, and I reached this city on 11th. This was an extremely cold day with cloudy sky. We were in high spirits to meet each other. In the evening the function started at 5:00 sharp. Mr. Debotosh Sengupta, Director, Photo Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India was the chief guest, who himself is a photo-artist of high repute. Mrs. Veena Vidyarthi, Secretary, U.P. State Lalit Kala Akademy presided over the function. The event started with the inauguration of the exhibition. The artistic photographs displayed in the gallery fascinated the visitors deeply. After having a look on the creative works of the artists from all over the India, Prize Distribution Ceremony took place. A good number of art lovers witnessed the event.
The day next was a brilliant sunny day. We were glad to observe the sun after a long period. All of us decided to visit Residency, a famous historical place. The history of Residency can be traced back to 18th century. We reached this place early morning. The magnificent brick-made structures left a deep impact on us, and the pleasing session of image making started. We remained there for a period of 3 hours. During this phase of time we not only photographed the glorious past, but had healthy discussions as well. Mr. Pravin Rawat, who is a well known photo-artist, shared his experiences with us. As the sun reached at the climax, we proceeded back to the guest house. After having our lunch together, we relaxed for a while. The time passed quickly. We had to catch our trains in evening. We, one by one, left the City of Nawabs with a lot of sweet memories in our hearts.
Time never stops but fills our hearts with innumerous lovable memories……..
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I really missed the opportunity to meet you in Lucknow as I had no idea of this. You are an excellent photographer and it would be a pleasure for me, meeting you personally. Anyway, whenever you come to this city in future, do call me.
    Thank you so much!
    Ehtisham Husain

  2. Pankaj Hi
    Congs for your achivement and we wish you touch the new horizons in your life.

    MOB ; 09917427314

  3. Dear Dr. Sharma: Congratulations for your success.
    You have explained your trip in a very perfect way. Your style of writing proves you as a literary person :-)))
    Dr. Sumit Garg

  4. Congrats and thanks for a very nice report.
    Laitu Anjini-UAE

  5. Pankaj ji,

    Thanks for sharing the Lucknow memories with global viewers. It was really nice and eventful day which remain in our memory and heart forever. :)

    Swarnendu Ghosh AFIAP, FFIP

  6. Dear Ehtisham,Dheeraj,DR. Sumit,Mr. Laitu and Swarnendu,
    Many thanks for your messages and best wishes :-))

  7. interesting write-up with beautiful pictures Pankaj...well many many congratulations once again for your achievements...

  8. Sweet memories will eternally linger on.....

  9. cool presentation pankaj

  10. Respected (babu ji) Maheshwari ji and Dear Samuel,
    Thanks so much for your comments.

  11. really sweet memories..... :-)
    a well written article

  12. Congratulations once again! May God bless you with more awards & achievements in future..nice pictures..I viewed all of them including yours.
    -Renu Tripathi-Dehradun