Saturday, February 5, 2011

“Profile” An Eye for Brilliant Moments of Life

An Eye for Brilliant Moments of Life
Girish J. Kingar


Born on 3 June 1961 in Indore (India) Girish J. Kingar was looked after by his parents in a very affectionate manner. His father was fond of travelling and always carried Girish with him on his trips to scenic places. In such environment, Girish’s affection towards nature was quite natural. During these outings, Girish began capturing the fine sights. In doing so, his father constantly motivated him. Girish started to archive the photographs clicked by him properly. This was year 1990, when he came in touch with the renowned photo-artist of Indore, Mr. Gurdas Dua. He unveiled some of his images before Mr. Dua. After observing his talent, Dua advised him to join Camera Club of Indore in order to polish his skills. Girish, without thinking much, joined this club in the same year. This club proved to be a source of learning for him and thus his never-ending flight of art began. In 1991 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India announced National Photography Contest. The theme was “Literacy”. He participated in this contest and won second prize. This maiden success opened a new path for him. He never turned back and proceeded ahead. Girish has about 150 national/international Awards and 500 acceptances in the list of his achievements so far. The India International Photographic Council, Delhi has conferred upon him its Associateship Honor (AIIPC) . The photographs clicked by him portray the people and places in such a fantastic way that the viewers cannot turn away their attention from them. On being asked about his mentor in photography, he reveals, “My all photographer-friends of Indore have guided me at their best. I find myself able to contribute for the field of art due to their kind support.”
Apart from photography, Girish has an innate passion for music. He loves to hear old Indian classics.
Here are some photographs clicked by Mr. Girish for our joy.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Beautiful visualisation and excellent processing. Wishing All the Best to Shri Kingar ji. Rgds.

  2. it is a great pleasure to know about him...

    pictures are wonderful...

  3. Thanks for sharing and enabling me to see the face of this artist whose images I have been admiring.
    Subhash Sapru

  4. Beautiful images from Girish

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  5. very nice clicks...
    Vidhi Rathore :-)

  6. Precious work with nicely presentation
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks Pankaj ji for sharing about Girish J kinger.

  8. I am deeply impressed by the magical images of Sri Girish ji. I appreciate his caliber as an artist. My good wishes :-)

  9. विषय वस्तु पर गहरी नजर, खूबसूरत कम्पोजीशन लाइटिंग का गजब इस्तेमाल साथ ही केमेरा तकनीक का भी अच्छा उपयोग. बधाई किंगर जी ...............!
    दिलीप लोकरे

  10. Dr.Pankaj,
    You always post excellent photographs in your blog. Mr.Kingar is one of them.
    --Raja Sah - NAINITAL

  11. Beautiful images by Girishji.
    Please keep sharing such great work of art.
    -chandan d.n.gaonkar

  12. A good collection of photographs by Girish ji. It gives pleasure to see the creative work.
    Sandeep Singh---Delhi

  13. Thanks a lot for sharing with me your beautiful photos!
    I will also keep you updated about my blog post, being the last one "how to save the Asian Elephant in Cambodia", "Two new and tiny frog species found in Sri Lanka", "The Egipcian jackal is, actually, a wolf", and many others.
    Javier Fiano

  14. Beautiful artistic photos!
    Thanks a lot for sharing them with us.
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