Saturday, May 7, 2011

Learning: Photographing Human Life


"Photographing Human Life"

Photo-artists have been inclined towards portraying human life since long. This is quite natural as the person behind the camera is also a human being. Photography can portray life more truly than any other medium of art. A good photographer is capable enough to highlight different moods of life, i.e. happiness, zeal, sorrow, tragedy etc. as it is. We can prepare excellent human life shots by following a few points.

Our first aim should be to capture the people in their natural mood. For this purpose we must study their behavior initially. This enables us clicking them in their natural frame of mind.

We have to use a telephoto lens or a long-ranged zoom lens. These lenses help us capturing the activities of the people from a distance and without making them conscious of our presence. The wise use of these lenses can photograph them in their best temper.

If we lack above lenses, we can get better results by using a normal or a short zoom lens as well. While using these lenses we should firstly mix up with the persons whom we are photographing. When we find them friendly with us, we have a correct time to click.

Our photograph should tell some story. A flat documentation of the people gives a feel of monotony. On the other hand a photograph with some activities attracts the viewers at first sight.

We must aim at capturing the people with their surroundings, such as their home, their work place etc. This makes a photograph complete.

Right click at a right moment is an essential factor. We have to be vigilant for an accurate moment in order to obtain an appealing image.

Light always plays a significant role. Soft light of early and late hours of the day is best for achieving good human life shots. One sided sun light of morning and evening adds depth and feel to the image. Against light (light coming from behind the subject) sometimes gives dramatic results, in particular when our subject has a dark background.

---Dr. Pankaj Sharma


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