Saturday, June 30, 2012

"On Project" : Delight of Flowers

“On Project”

Delight of Flowers


Based in Nainital (India), Vineeta Yashswi is an emerging photo-artist. She has been very much inclined towards travelling, trekking and climbing since her childhood days. The desire of capturing different places took birth in her heart quite obviously during her expeditions. Vineeta captures the places in their totality, including people, flora and fauna. We have seen her perfection as a travel photographer previously (December-2011 post). This time she is before us with a few images of pretty flowers of her region. She believes in the simplicity of composition and her view appears well in her photographs.

-Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Profile: Desirous for Creativity: Sateja Rajwade

Celebrating 3rd Anniversary


Desirous for Creativity: Sateja Rajwade


Sateja Rajwade (Thane, Maharashtra, India) works in a structural consultancy named Actrina Consulting Engg. Pvt. Ltd. She prepares architectural, civil and structural drawings of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in her nature of work. Since Sateja has been in a creative field where one can develop an eye to visualize the frame of a structure, she obviously has deep inclination towards arts. Photography is her passion. She finds herself very fortunate to be the first lady member of the Foto Circle Society (A group of amateur as well as professional photographers) based in Thane. She regularly participates in reputed photography contests and has a number of awards to her credit. She has taken part in different group exhibitions of photography till date. Sateja always contributes in art-activities with great zeal and dedication. Her main interests are architectural and nature photography. She loves to shoot portraits as well.

Apart from photography, Sateja feels affection for music and travelling.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Friday, June 1, 2012

“Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography”

--3rd Anniversary--


...I feel delighted to share that our blog, “Abhivyakti: Expression through Photography”, has completed three years of its journey and is witnessing its 3rd anniversary. This blog was commenced in the year 2009, with the goal of imparting the knowledge of photography art among the art lovers through various sections, like LEARNING, GREAT MASTERS, PHOTO FEATURE, STORY BEHING THE PICTURE, PROFILE, YOUTH GALLERY, etc. Afterwards, ON PROJECT and DASHBOARD sections were also added to give expansion to our mission. Furthermore we tried to give important information of major events of photography through Abhivyakti.

The success of a blog depends entirely on the readers and followers. They work as the strength of any such platform. I cheerfully admit that a number of refined readers from India and abroad (Denmark, Chile-South America, Brazil, Turkey, Slovenia, UK, Germany etc.) have attached with our blog. Their precious alliance and unbiased suggestions have helped improving the quality of the contents. I’m thankful to all the readers and followers. I assure that I’ll always try my best for the advantage of art lovers in future through “Abhivyakti”.
Many of the readers and well wishers have sent their messages and wishes on the occasion of our blog’s 3rd Anniversary. Please have a glimpse.

.--Dr. Pankaj Sharma.


Abhivyakti: Expression through Photography” ( completes three years of circulation in the internet in June, 2012. In this short time, it has made a nostalgic bond with thousands of enthusiasts, art lovers, established photo artists and amateurs from every nook and corner of the world. It is heartening to see that even school going children are following it intently and sharing their views with the blogger. The field is no more a men’s paradise; women have also made their presence felt.

Let me share with you a few facts about this blog. On an average 55 posts are blogged in a year, which are viewed by a staggering 14,163 persons around the world in more than 11 countries. Amongst the foreign countries, Slovenia, U.S. and Russia top the list of audience or viewers. There are 140 signed in members of this blog.

Hundreds of excellent images are shared in this blog last year. To name a few, I can recall the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival of China, Kambala Sports (Karnataka), Snow Fall in Shimla, Fishing in Goa, etc. In the learning section, photographing landscapes, shooting flowers in window light, etc., were highly appreciated by the audience. The blog is no more a space for entertainment; people have started citing it in their bio data and in the interviews as well. What else a blogger can vouch for?

I congratulate Dr. Pankaj Sharma on the “third (and counting) anniversary” of his blog and my best wishes.

--Dr. Anup Ranjan Mishra, Bareilly


Dear Doctor:

Hearty congratulations!

Wish continued success in your endeavors.


K.G.Maheshwari, Mumbai (India).


Dear Pankaj Ji,

You are doing a great service to Indian Photography through your Blog "Abhivyakti". You have given an educative platform to advanced artists to show their work and to beginners to learn from them. I extend my heartfelt Good Wishes for the progress of "Abhivyakti". May I suggest you to give at least one small article with few pictures or diagrams on any photographic subject from expert artist in your Blog once in a month. Thanks

With Best Wishes,

Shivji Joshi

Jodhpur –Rajasthan-India

Best wishes.......


Virendra Singh-Jamshedpur


Hi Pankaj,

Congratulations for celebrating the 3rd Anniversary.

God Luck and regards,

S. S Sharma- Delhi


First, I'll take it as my Honor to wish your blog a Happy Anniversary. After wishing, I’ll say that this is the time to say thanks to you for maintaining such a beautiful blog which is very useful for travel photographers.
Keep (y) our blog inspiring the people like us who want to prove "something" in the field of art- photography.

Voleti Ravi Kumar, Tenali (Andhra Pradesh-India)


Dear Dr. Pankaj Ji,

Please Accept my "Many Many Happy Returns of the Day"
on your Baby Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography's 3rd Birthday....... :)
It gives me immense pleasure to wish "Happy Birthday" to Abhivyakti on its Birthday.
With Best Wishes,


Vinay Parelkar - Mumbai (India)


Many many congratulations...

Vineeta Yashaswi-Nanital


Congratulations Dr. Pankaj Sharma Sir, on successful completion of 03 years of your blog, "Abhivyakti". Hope it will continue forever so we all will be in touch of each other and people like us will learn a lot out of it. Wish you 'best of luck' for future. As a token of love I am sending an image of bird for you.


Prof. Dinesh Sharma

Mumbai (India)


I believe, Dr. Pankaj Sharma possesses a magic wand in his one hand, besides the camera in the other. He named it – Abhivyakti: Expression through Photography ( and waved his scepter over 170 photographers. Every week one budding photographer was introduced in the blog in an unprecedented manner. The way the photographer, along with his major photographs we reported for the last 03 years, is most commendable and ideal. The versatility of Dr. Sharma, being evident in his multi-dimensional blog, inspires me to initiate something in different lines. The achievements of the fellow photographers are also standing tall to motivate. The photographers of the country put their aplomb on major parts of the globe. The international awards to Indians in photography prove that India has emerged to be the new capital of shooting. Looking forward for the similar efforts from Dr. Pankaj Sharma. I further wish his endeavors of introducing new photographers through his blog be prosperous in the years to come.

T. Srinivasa Reddy, FIIPC, FFIP, FPSS, ARPS,

Photo Journalist-Vijayawada


Dear Dr. Pankaj Ji,

I heartily Congratulate you on the completion of the 04 years of your Blog ; "ABHIVYAKTI : Expression through Photography". Though there are many blogs on Photography on the Internet, "ABHIVYAKTI" is the most informative and the most followed blog with national and international followers.

This is all because of the time and efforts put by you in nourishing and nurturing the blog by all novel ideas.

We have been able to see the works of great photo artists as well as the new and upcoming photographers in "ABHIVYAKTI".

All my best wishes are with you. May "ABHIVYAKTI" remain on the internet and in the hearts of all the Photographers all over the world.

Best regards.

Tilak Haria (Mumbai)


Pankaj Ji.... Jai ho.

Best wishes from,

Kailash Mittal – Indore (India)


Dear Pankaj Ji,

It is a great pleasure to know that our blog is successfully stepping ahead in fourth year. It is indeed a proud for every photo artist. Your blog has given many masters, amateurs etc. a precious space to give precise exposure to their work and talent. Thank you very much for giving us opportunity to exhibit our images on this blog. May we have many anniversaries of our blog in coming future… J

All the best…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I also wish all the photo friends a Happy Clicking.

Let the whole world be happy.

Yours truly:

Chandan D. N. Gaonkar (LIIPC.IIPC Bronze) - Goa – India


Dear Dr. Sharma,

I am overjoyed to learn that your ever popular blog "Abhivyakti: Expression Through Photography" will soon be completing 3 years. As I have often stressed, during this period you have offered most invaluable, selfless and precious guidance to photo artists from all walks of life and of all levels - beginners, serious as well as advanced. You have also brought to fore some of the most talented but somehow hidden gems who would have still remained hidden but for your encouragement. I most heartily congratulate you on achieving this milestone and wish you all the success for your future journey. On this happy occasion I would also like to make a humble suggestion to publish in your blog a few examples of masterly work from stalwarts like M/s. E. Hanumanth Rao, Anil Risal Singh, Sudhir Saxena, S. Nagaraj, C. Rajgopal, Allama Prabhu, Bhupesh Little, O. P. Sharma, Amitabh Sil, Waman Thakre, Mitter Bedi, R. R. Bharadwaj, Benu Sen, Dr. G. Thomas to name just a few. Most of the present day generation of photographers may not have even heard of them. God no more makes photographers like them and I am sure the youngsters will benefit immensely by studying their work.
I am attaching a photograph I had shot in the US which I hope you will like.

Kishore B. Jothady, Hon. PSI, APSI- Mumbai


It’s an honor for me to contribute to a photography blog which has so much popularity and goodwill among many photographers across the country. Hope my contributions are helpful in a manner which lets the blog site grow and become better every day. I will be contributing more photographs on stronger themes once I get a little free from my professional work load.

Thank You,


Amartya Sen


Congratulation Dr. Sharma Ji.....
Wishing you many more blog anniversaries and looking forward to all your lovely posts.
I wish you....
New Hopes
New Dreams.....
New Aspirations.....
New Opportunities....
and New Joys...

Samir M. Mohite,
Jt. Hon. Secretary, PSI, Mumbai


Respected Dr. Uncle,

I am Kunal Singh, Class 9th student from steel city Jamshedpur. Virendra Singh, the renowned photo-artist, is my bade-Papa and he is inspiring, guiding & grooming me for my passion of Photography. I got a small pocket Canon camera some time back. Uncle I visit your Blog regularly and find it very educative for a beginner like me.
I even tell my friends about this blog.
I am forwarding my good wishes for your great Blog.

With Kind regards,

Kunal Singh, Jamshedpur


Dear Pankaj Ji,

It is indeed my pleasure to know that your blog is completing 03 years of its existence. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on successful completion of this journey and may god shower his blessings on you in the years to come.

I am sharing with you one of my images which was published in the 75th Anniversary book of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

Warmest Regards,


Dinesh Pagaria
Udaipur-313001 Rajasthan


Dear Dr. Pankaj,

It is matter of great pleasure that Abhivyakti has completed three years. It has been a wonderful journey for all of us, particularly for the beginners who need little bit of direction. We are happy that under your able guidance many of these beginners have achieved their goal.

I wish you and Abhivyakti to continue its journey with more and more success.

Best wishes once again.

Anjini Prakash Laitu-Dubai.


Dear Pankaj Ji

On this auspicious occasion of 3rd Anniversary of "Abhivyakti" Expression Through Photography” I Congratulate you and hope this blog will continue to share more and more pieces of art among its lovers .It is a privilege for all the photographers that your blog publishes some good works of photography by you and others as well. The person, who visits the blog, gets a view of different expressions from different angles through the photographs of different photographers. I wish you best of luck for successful future and do continue the good work.

Akhil Hardia, Indore


Dear Sir,

My best wishes for Abhivyakti.


Satpal Singh, Lakhimpur