Saturday, November 17, 2012

“Extra Ordinaries” A Man of Indomitable Will Power : Balbir Singh

“Extra Ordinaries”
A Man of Indomitable Will Power
Balbir Singh

Balbir Singh of Nainital (India) is a symbolic of courage. In spite of being physically disabled he has created history by achieving the chief rank in photography, the “Diamond Grade”. The India International Photographic Council, Delhi has honoured him with this rank for completing 1000 acceptances in national and international contests of photography. This success is the outcome of his true dedication and hard work.
Born in 1956, Balbir Singh was fond of photography since his school days. Unfortunately he had a hard-hitting time in 1976 when his both legs were paralysed due to a problem in spinal cord. This incident brought him under deep grief, and his passion for photography was left far behind. He struggled hard and at last conquered over his depressed life. As a result of his honest attempts, he got job in State Bank of India in 1983. This boosted his courage. Now he decided to breathe life into his hobby, i.e. photography. However, this was not so easy due to his physical immobility. He finally got a three-wheeled scooter. This added wings to his passion. Now his camera became his companion and he never looked back. The pictures clicked by him fascinate the art-lovers at first sight.
He has a number of awards and recognitions to his credit. He has organised numerous shows of his photographs and his art works have been appreciated widely. He is constantly involved in his obsession and never wants to take halt in his endless voyage of art.

He believes in the famous saying, “The show must go on…”

We salute him for his valuable contribution in the field of art-photography. At the same time he deserves many congratulations for his recent success, the “Diamond Grade” Honour. May God bless him with many such achievements in future.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma