Saturday, April 28, 2012

Learning: Photographing Flowers in Window Light


Photographing Flowers in Window Light


The light coming in a room through window provides ideal opportunity to take good photographs. I’m before you with a few tips for photographing flowers in the soft light of window. Just go through below mentioned points and get pretty images:

*Firstly we have to select the fresh and pretty flowers. Defected flowers are to be avoided.

* This is advisable to concentrate on a single or on limited flowers.

* We should place the flowers in a pot and then arrange them as per our aim.

* This time I have focused at shooting the flowers in the light coming from behind them. Shooting against light is very helpful in portraying the flowers dramatically. The another types of light have been discussed in our previous article (Photographing Flowers, January-23, 2010).

* We have to arrange the subject in such a way that light should strike it well from back and at about 30-45 degree height. This light will highlight the details of petals perfectly.

* Use of a dark background is very effective in presenting the flower beautifully. We can use a cloth or a paper sheet of any dark colour as background. But we have to manage the background in such a way that it should not hinder the light reaching to object. A small practice will help adjusting the background.

* While using a dark background, we should always give exposure according to the light falling on subject and not according to the whole scene. In such situation spot metering option of our camera is very useful. This helps us in giving proper exposure during above situation.

* We can use any camera (D SLR or Compact) as per our convenience.

* A macro lens will help us to capture the fine details. Moreover the close up mode of a camera is also useful.

* Use of a small aperture (22, 16 or 11) adds depth and sharpness to the subject. The shutter speed can be adjusted accordingly.

* A firm tripod is always recommended in order to avoid camera shake and get sharp images.

* We should compose the image in artistic way. Our composition should be simple and eye-soothing. Feel of rhythm is a vital part of an image. Understanding of good composition depends on how much we observe good images and then follow them by doing regular practice.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photo Feature: Paradise for Nature Lovers: Darjeeling

Photo Feature

Paradise for Nature Lovers : Darjeeling

Dear Friends,

Darjeeling, a famous hill station of India, is well known for its scenic beauty and a number of gorgeous spots. The main attraction of this place is the view of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Mr. Shekhar Roy of Mumbai is here with a photo feature on this stunning place.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

“Darjeeling is located in Himalayan region of West Bengal (India). The average height of this place is about 6, 710 ft. This is a well known tourist place of India with many spectacular spots. What’s more, Darjeeling is famous for its tea industry and Himalayan Railway. Kanchenjunga, the world's third-highest peak, (28,209 ft high) is well visible from here. If the weather is clear, Nepal's Mount Everest, (29,029 ft) can also be seen from Darjeeling. Vegetation in this region includes dense forests of oak and sal. A broad range of rare orchids can be witnessed in these forests. The famous Botanical Garden of the town maintains extraordinary species of plants. The West Bengal Forest Department protects Wildlife in this zone. Animals, like, Tuskers, tigers, leopards, one-horned rhinoceros, deer etc. and the birds, like, floricans and herons are found in the forests of this region. The main places to see in and around Darjeeling are Dhoom Gompa, the Mall, War Memorial, Chowrasta, Observatory Hill, Lloyd’s Botanical Garden, Druk Sa-Ngag Choeling Monastery, Tibetan Refugee Centre, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Batasia Loop, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Tiger Hill etc.

We can reach Darjeeling from New Jalpaiguri through the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway by covering a distance of 88 km. Another option to reach this place is from Siliguri through the National Highway- 55 by covering a distance of 77 km.”

--Shekhar Roy