Saturday, February 23, 2013

- Profile - A Man with Perfection of Vision: Digwas G.H

- Profile -
A Man with Perfection of Vision: 
Digwas G.H

Born and raised in Sirsi of Karnataka State of India, Mr. Digwas G. H is a photo artist with unique aesthetic sense. He was in love with nature, travelling and exploring new places since his student life. Initially photography wasn't his passion. He firstly took camera just to click his daughter's pictures and to capture lovely memories of his life. As time passed, he got more and more involved into photography and gradually it became his passion. Mr. Digwas started spending much of his time with nature and this gave him true enjoyment. He clicked pretty images during his conversations with nature. His close friend, Mr. Prakash Hegde, who himself is a good photo artist, admired his work at all times.  Later he came in touch of top photo-artists, like, Mr. M. S. Hebbar, Mr. A. G. Lakshminarayana and Mr. K. S. Rajaram who encouraged his efforts and suggested him to exhibit his pictures in art exhibitions. This boosted his guts and now his never-ending flight of art started. Soon he got mastery over capturing nature and human life. He has good command over artistic composition and dramatic use of light. The pictures clicked by him attract at first sight. He has a number of laurels to his credit.
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dashboard : "My Pride, My Flag"


"My Pride, My Flag"

The National Flag has a very respectful position for the citizens of any country. They value it more than anything else. This time I am before you with a photograph, “My Pride, My Flag”. I clicked this image on the occasion of India’s 64th Republic Day, 26th January-2013. I was in my office premises and was waiting for the moment when Indian National Flag was to be hoisted. Suddenly I noticed one of my colleagues with Tri Colour flag in his hands. The way he was holding the flag, fascinated me deeply. There seemed a true sentiment of patriotism in his posture.  Furthermore his Khadi-Jacket added to the feel of   Indian Nationalism. I requested him to allow me for taking some photographs and he happily agreed. I clicked a few frames. 
Later, while editing-process, I concentrated on the hands with flag in order to get  an unusual image. In fact the hands seemed to speak more in comparison of facial expressions. My fellow photo-artists also liked this composition and their positive feedback motivated me to share this image with you.
I used a Canon Powershot, A-580 compact camera.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma