Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dashboard : "My Pride, My Flag"


"My Pride, My Flag"

The National Flag has a very respectful position for the citizens of any country. They value it more than anything else. This time I am before you with a photograph, “My Pride, My Flag”. I clicked this image on the occasion of India’s 64th Republic Day, 26th January-2013. I was in my office premises and was waiting for the moment when Indian National Flag was to be hoisted. Suddenly I noticed one of my colleagues with Tri Colour flag in his hands. The way he was holding the flag, fascinated me deeply. There seemed a true sentiment of patriotism in his posture.  Furthermore his Khadi-Jacket added to the feel of   Indian Nationalism. I requested him to allow me for taking some photographs and he happily agreed. I clicked a few frames. 
Later, while editing-process, I concentrated on the hands with flag in order to get  an unusual image. In fact the hands seemed to speak more in comparison of facial expressions. My fellow photo-artists also liked this composition and their positive feedback motivated me to share this image with you.
I used a Canon Powershot, A-580 compact camera.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma 


  1. Nice Shot,Pankaj Ji
    "Jai Hind,Jai Bharat"

  2. Image of Patriotism with a different Concept. Well clicked Sir !!
    Nidhi Singh

  3. A self-explanatory image, indeed! Thanks for sharing.

    Sateja Rajwade.

  4. Jai Hind Sir...
    Nice capture.

    Suresh Jaiswal

  5. I like the pic and the feeling! A Big Hug from Spain