Friday, May 24, 2013

-Dashboard- Panchchuli As Seen From Abott Mount


Panchchuli As Seen From Abott Mount

This time I am before you with a photograph of Panchchuli Peaks. I had an opportunity to visit Abott Mount in December, 2012 with my friends. This elevated spot is situated near Lohaghat (District Champawat, Uttarakhand, India) and is known for its scenic beauty. We can notice diverse flora and fauna here. Above all, the great Himalayan Peaks are well visible from this place. We had a three-day programme for this spot. All were disappointed for the first two days as we could not witness Himalayan Peaks due to heavy clouds all around them. We prayed Almighty for the clarity of weather and our wish was heard on the day third. We reached Abott Mount well before the sunrise. It was totally dark and we had to face extreme cold wind. All were waiting for the very first light, and as the earliest rays of the sun appeared, our happiness had no bounds. The view was crystal clear and the vast Himalayan Peaks were in front of us. The soft light of the morning and the strokes of the clouds above the peaks doubled the charm of the scene.  None of us waited for a while and started clicking. I took a number of images with different viewpoints and compositions. Here is one of them. In this image I have concentrated on the Panchchuli Peaks of Himalaya. These peaks attract us due to the matchless rhythm between them.
I used a Nikon D 90 Camera with a Tamron 70-300 mm lens. The ISO was set at 200. I used a small aperture size in order to get depth. The camera was set on a firm tripod.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

-Photo Feature- Tungnath A Place with Versatility of Features

-Photo Feature-

A Place with Versatility of Features

 Mr. Anup Sah of Nainital, Uttarakhand (India) is a well known photo-artist, mountaineer and a trekker. He has been a contributor for our blog since its inception. This time he is before us with a photo feature on Tungnath region of northern hilly tract of India.
 -Dr. Pankaj Sharma

“Tungnath region is located in District Chamoli of Uttarakhand, India. This region is one of the most beautiful places of Uttarakhand. The Echo System of Tungnath is very unique. The entire area is extremely rich in Himalayan flora and fauna. Beautiful rhododendron forests and rich wildlife including Himalayan Thar and Monal Pheasant make this area worth visiting. Moreover a variety of birds (of both, the high and the low altitude) are found here and thus this place is a paradise for bird watchers. The “Tungnath” temple of this region is known as the highest Temple of Lord Shiva (3680 metre). Chandrashilla, the highest hill top of Uttarakhand (4000 metre), lies here.”

Best month to visit this area: April.

Route 1: Delhi-Rishikesh-Rudrapriyag-Ukhimath and Chopta.


There is motor-able route up to Chopta.

-Anup Sah