Monday, June 24, 2013

"My View" Success into the field of Photography

Celebrating 4th Anniversary................

-My View-
 Success into the field of Photography

Reaching excellence in different fields of creativity has always been a penchant of artists. But this is not a thing which can be gained by any short cut. After going through the life history of many distinguished photo artists we notice that they achieved heights in their fields by the dint of certain qualities and principles.

There should be a precise goal before us. We have to aim at a particular field of photography (like travel, photo journalism, fashion/advertising, industrial, wild life, under water etc.) according to our taste, caliber and convenience. Once a particular aim is fixed, our life becomes significant. Further, this aim is closely associated with hard work.  We can not imagine of success without this asset.  Hard work with single minded dedication brings success within our approach. Our past and present are full of many such examples where we witness the great photo artists gaining success through their hard work and dedication, and of course, with certain goals in their mind.

Since nothing is above well-built vision, we should always try to develop our  visualization. This is possible through constant observation of different subjects with our own point of view and regular practice. In addition we have to avoid replicating the art works of other photo artists. Originality of work is always appreciated.

Many changes are taking place in photography-technology every day. Thus keeping our knowledge updated is a vital factor for achieving success in modern age.  Diverse means, like internet, latest books and magazines work as our true friends in order to renew our know how.

Constant effort is another important factor to reach our target. We often don’t succeed in single attempt. This does not prove us incompetent at all.  Our failure at all times indicates towards our lacking.  Serious evaluation of our lacking and subsequently its proper rectification ensures our bright future.

Appropriate equipment are essential to give shape to our vision and ideas. For this, we should firstly analyze our requirement and then acquire the accessories accordingly. Unnecessary collection of tools should be avoided. Additionally we should have proper understanding of the features of our equipment.

Our senior artists possess many experiences. Their guidance can be of great help at every step of our career. We should never fail to obtain it.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Friday, June 7, 2013

- Profile - "Capturing the Soul of Places" -- Pradeep Pande

Celebrating 4th Anniversary..........
- Profile -
"Capturing the Soul of Places"
Pradeep Pande

Pradeep Pande was born in 1961 on 18 day of October in the picturesque surroundings of Someshwar Valley of District Almora (Uttarakhand, India). Therefore interaction with nature was quite spontaneous for him. He used to follow his mother to the farm fields and to the forests where she used to go to fetch fodder and firewood. All this made him love nature. Later he had to shift to Nainital for his education where his father worked.  He completed his elementary to higher education in this beautiful town. This furthered his fascination for nature, although his love for photography had started during his childhood days but at that time having a camera was a distant dream for him. As time went by, the works of various photographers published in magazines and books made the urge to click uncontrollable, and he had his first camera –a Pentax K 1000. When the photography made a quantum jump from analogue to digital age, he too followed the suit. His close companionship with noted photographer and naturalist, Mr. Anup Sah made him learn the nitty-gritty of photography. This boosted his zest and he determined to proceed in search of excellence. He is a keen trekker and has been to many places in the Himalayas. He aims at capturing the soul of a place. While doing so he gives equal importance to the people and their life of a particular region. This does not mean he abstains from other genres of photography; he lays hands on wild life, nature and still life as well. Photography for him is a way of depicting nature and people in a way which should generate feelings of hope, nostalgia, pleasure, sympathy and love. He has a number of reputed awards and recognitions to his credit. His beautiful photographs have taken place in reputed publications.
Pradeep Pande is a banker by profession and works as senior manager in Uttarakhand Gramin Bank at Nanital.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma