Saturday, December 21, 2013

-Profile- Enthusiast for Pictorial Photography : Venkateswarlu Kola

Enthusiast for Pictorial Photography
Venkateswarlu Kola

Mr. Venkateswarlu Kola (Kodad, Andhra Pradesh-India) was born on 7th march, 1965. While he was studying, he started photography as a profession. He was lucky enough as he got the valuable guidance of famous photo artist, Mr. Achari at the early stage of his career (1982). Under his able guidance he started with black and white medium. He used to handle the whole process of this form of art himself. Within a short phase of time he got mastery over the basics of photography art, and now his friends started calling him 'Bommala Venkanna'. In fact this name was given to him as a token of love and regard. This honour means a lot to Mr. Venkateswarlu because this comprises precious love and regard of his well wishers. Afterward he developed his interest into 'pictorial photography'. This inclination was the result of several photography workshops at different places of India that he had attended. Soon he started submitting his art works in reputed photography contests. The results were quite positive. He got several awards and laurels. He is among a few of India who have got the Associateship of India International Photography Council (AIIPC) and the Associateship of Federation of Indian Photography (AFIP). The key part of his creative works is his command over light and composition. The magical use of light in combination with perfect composition in his images attracts the art lovers at first sight and that too very deeply. This quality makes him different from others.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Sunday, December 1, 2013

-Dashboard- White Crab Spider (Thomisus Spectabilis)

White Crab Spider (Thomisus Spectabilis)

The White Crab Spider, also known as flower spider, is a wonderful creation of nature. This Spider has almost semi transparent head and legs. Body is white with small black spots on the outside corners of body. Some crab spiders can be yellow in colour. It is very quick and when approached, it runs away immediately. The fat legs and typical form of body give it the appearance of a crab. This spider lives among the plants and on flowers. Its food is small insects and butterflies. White spider captures its prey with strong front legs. The size of female spider is normally around 10 mm and that of male is around 6 mm. The male spider is often reddish brown in colour. The bite of this spider creates pain and swelling in human beings.
I noticed the pair of this spider in the garden of my office. This pair was dwelling on a pretty flower. The bight cloudy weather provided ideal light for a click. I had a Canon Powershot A 580 camera with me at that time. Due to the small size of these spiders it was wise to set the camera at Macro Mode. I clicked 3-4 shots and this is one of them.
The ISO of camera was set at 80 and the exposure was approximately f-5.6 - 1/30 sec.
(Personal experience: The macro mode of compact and prosumer digital cameras is generally of great help while clicking tiny objects.)

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma