Saturday, March 1, 2014

Capturing the Soul of Subject : Mukesh Srivastava


Capturing the Soul of Subject

Mukesh Srivastava

An Indian Photographer, Mukesh Srivastava has made a successful foray into the digital arena. With the dawn of digital photography, Mukesh embarked a new journey (a little less than a decade back) and this journey has seen him winning acclaim and accolade all through the globe.
His quintessential expression is the capture of beautiful characteristics of light. He takes light as “soul" of the subject.
Mukesh values the inner eye of an artist honestly. He states, “This is the inner eye of an artist that creates stunning images.  This is inborn in each individual but a few have extraordinary one. Those with unusual inner eye prove them as fine creators.”
Hailing from the colourful city, Ajmer of Rajasthan, he has a keen eye on the land and people of the state. His love for the city of sand dunes, camels and caravan has reaped in many honours and achievements.
Mukesh is a qualified Engineer with M. Tech. in Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Sciences. An Ex-Director (E), Govt. of India is currently Tech. Advisor to Monet Ispat and Energy Ltd. He resides with his family in the “Coal City” of Dhanbad, Jharkhand. He gives maximum credit to his wife Ritu Srivastava for his growth in the field of Photography. He says "She is my luck".
His works have been awarded by Kodak, National Geography and Save Water-Australia. He has been awarded with 14 medals in FIAP recognised International Salons with over 250 acceptances.
He has authored the book "Digital Photography- An Ultimate Field Guide for Photographers". This is first book on Digital Photography by an Indian Author.
He believes that his journey of creativity has just begun and that photography is like wine… it matures with age.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


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