Saturday, April 12, 2014

-Profile- Creating Images with Different Viewpoint S. P. Mukherji

Creating Images with Different Viewpoint
S. P. Mukherji

S. P. Mukherji’s desire for camera took birth during his childhood days, when he was on a trip to Nainital with his family. The beauty of this hill station left a profound impact on his heart and soul. He again felt the need of a camera, when he was on an official trip with some of his colleagues. He could not bring back the sweet memories of the trip due to lack of gear. Now he decided to fulfill his need. He purchased a Pentax K1000 SLR camera just after getting his very next salary. In this way his photographic voyage began. However, he could not pursue his hobby due his family responsibilities, and his craving for photography met a premature end.

His next stint, as a photographer, began with the advent of digital era. He started loving to experiment in the digital darkroom, and this time he was determined to achieve his goal. Now he, somehow, tried to garner some time to pursue his hobby.

Though he enjoys all realms of photography, yet exploration of various software & different techniques and producing blended conceptions lie close to his heart.

Mr. Mukherji has more than 1600 acceptances with almost 200 awards in the photography contests in India and abroad during a career span of about 7 years.

He lives in Kolkata (India) and is a qualified MBA and a mechanical engineer. He is currently employed in the Government sector. In spite of his demanding official responsibilities, he still dribbles out some time for photography every day and is keen to share his photographic experiences with enthusiasts. Here he takes the opportunity to showcase some of his early works and hopes to share the more recent experimentation in some later edition.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Once again Congrats for the feast for eyes through your esteem blog.Kudos and my best wishes. subir

  2. Really niceee...
    Sunidhi Thakkar-Delhi

  3. So Nice Creative Images of Mr. Mukharji....
    Thanks Pankaj ji......
    Good Exposure to photographer........
    Milind Deshmukh

  4. Loved every Frame...

  5. Dear Pankaj ji, you are always giving prestigious space to Masters,Photo Artist and upcoming lens man etc. Thanks lot for your contribution to Photography Art.
    Chandan D. N. Gaonkar -Panaji (Goa)

  6. Nice pictures and I am seeing what Photoshop can do.Thanks for sharing

  7. Converting Engineering Ideas into Artistry appears to be the hobby of the creator!

  8. Love the vision and perfection in PP works here!!! His Engineering background is apparent in his works with geometric shapes and patterns. Congrats, SP Mukherjee!!!

  9. Soooooo beaut photos friend....
    Lakyshami Diaz
    Vasco Da Gama (Goa)
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  10. The creative forte of the artist is at its best !...............S. BALARAAM, AFIAP

  11. Beautiful creative images by S.P.Mukherjee.

    Shivji Joshi
    Godavari Vallabh Niwas
    Makarana Mohalla,
    Jodhpur - 342002

  12. I like the colourfull images... exclusive picturs Mr. S.P.Mukherjee, Congratulation Sir.

  13. Like all the works..Congradssss daa

  14. Very creative work ...
    Some are breaking the rules but great job
    Thanks for sharing< Pankaj Je