Sunday, January 18, 2015

-Above Ordinary- The Insightful : Chandan D. N. Gaonkar

-Above Ordinary-
The Insightful
Chandan D. N. Gaonkar

Chandan D. N. Gaonkar of Panaji (Goa-India) is an insightful photo artist. He has expertise in visualising the surroundings around him in artistic way. He portrays the ordinary subjects in such an exclusive way that a viewer’s eyes stop at his images spontaneously.

His Perception: He thinks that the beauty lies in our eyes. This is important for an artist that how does he/she visualizes the world around him/her. He further adds, “The things in this word are same for all, but the persons with extraordinary vision prove themselves as artists.” He believes in originality of vision and so he always tries to depict the subjects in his own way.

A Hard Worker: Chandan remembers the day when he could not get admission in the course with specialisation in photography in Goa College of Arts in the year, 2002. This happened due to some unavoidable circumstances. After this incident he got disappointed. But soon he conquered his distress. He started reading photography books and magazines. A very close relative gifted him a camera. This boosted his courage. He started clicking the world around him. He did not bind him with any conservative style and clicked in whatever way he liked. Meanwhile he had opportunity to read the book of ace photographer Mr. O. P. Sharma. This book helped him satisfying his queries. He got fascinated by Mr. Sharma’s freshness of approach. Now Chandan never looked back and forwarded ahead on the path of creativity.

Achievements: He has to his credit a number of reputed awards. Few of his recent achievements are being mentioned here.
Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre of England exhibited his images in its reputed exhibition in 2014.
He got 2nd Award in All Goa Photography Contest in 2014. This contest was co-organised by Photo Journalists Association, Directorate of Information & Publicity and Goa Kala Academy.
His photographs have been part of Goa State Art Exhibition organised by Goa Kala Academy.
The India International Photographic Council, Delhi has honoured him with its prestigious Licentiateship.
Chandan is a promising lens man. He thinks, he has to contribute a lot to the world of creative photography.  

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Great point of view he has. Sir convey my regards and wishes to him.

  2. Fantastic work !! The way chandan composes the pictures, is marvelous. He is reall y above ordinary.
    Kudos !!!
    Amalendu Chaudhary (Kolkata)

  3. stunning... anu joseph

  4. Dear Dr Pankaj,
    Thanks for the updated blog with nice illustration
    of Chandan's imgs. regds, Virendra Singh - Jamshedpur.

  5. Simply great.
    Go ahead Chandan.
    My wishes to you.

    Soumendra Banerjee

  6. lovely images. keep it up.
    thanks for sharing dr. pankaj sir.
    warm regards n wishes
    (sangeeta dubey)

  7. nice art work ;;;;;; < javier reggio

  8. Superfine !!!!!
    Tajas Garg ... Gurgaon

  9. Well done Chandan... keep it on... Congratulations Pankaj sahab... please keep on promoting young photo artists through your blog...
    Dr. Kamran Khan (BAREILLY)

  10. Exclusive way of clicking. (Ravi Dhingra-delhi)

  11. Thank you very much Ankurji, Amalenduji, Anuji, Virendraji, Soumendraji, Sangeetaji, Javierji, Tejasji, Kamranji, Vinetaji, Raviji for your wishes and big Thanks to Pankaj ji for his kind support. :-)

    Truly Yours:
    Chandan D. N. Gaonkar
    Hari Om

  12. Really liked the photographs.Wish you all good luck.

    Indraneel Sen,
    New Delhi.

  13. good work chandan. carry on.
    smita chandrashekhar

  14. Thanks Indraneelji, Smitaji. :-)

  15. His vision behind the lens is Marvellous!
    Best of luck

    Rahul Naik

    1. Thank You all for liking my work and your positive wishes. 🙏
      _chandan d.naik gaonkar