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-Profile- Living with Fascination Bhumesh Bharti

Living with Fascination
Bhumesh Bharti
 Born on 13th June, 1969 in Dehradun (Uttarakhand-India), Bhumesh is a self-taught photo-artist. He started clicking as a hobby when he was in class 9.  After doing his graduation he got a chance to work for National Literacy Mission of Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samithi- Delhi. During this project he had an opportunity to travel many villages of different parts of India. This created his interest in Social Life photography. Here after photography became his passion. Later Bhumesh worked for many important organizations. His creative works proved to be of great importance for all these bodies.  
Though he is well competent in various branches of photography, he mainly focuses on capturing people and places. He is a free lance photo journalist. As a photo journalist, he not only clicks, he writes also. Whenever he gets chance, he feels satisfied in making documentaries over social issues. While doing this he always gives importance to story-telling value.
To encourage the art of photography among new comers and students he started Colored Leaf Photography Group in 2012.  Today there are about 500 members in this group. This group has organised many exhibitions and workshops till date.   
Bhumesh has to his credit many prestigious awards and recognition.
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma 


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