Monday, April 6, 2015

Dashboard “Childhood Glimpse”

“Childhood Glimpse”

This time I am with a photograph, “Childhood Glimpse”. This was clicked in July-2014 when I was in Jodhpur, a picturesque city of Rajasthan (India). We can see the true traditional life style of India in the streets of this city. The houses in blue colour and the people in traditional colourful dresses take us into a different world. One fine day I was on a walk into the streets of Jodhpur with my friends (Mr. Sarvesh Joshi, Mr. Samir Madhukar Mohite and Mr. Dinesh Mowar). Mr. Sarvesh Joshi is the resident of this city. He took all of us to the best areas. While strolling in a street situated near by Mehrangarh Fort, I saw an old house with blue walls where an innocent boy was sitting near the entrance. There was an old bicycle in the background. The yellow T-shirt of the boy and the blue wall together presented an ideal example of complimentary colours. The small boy seemed unaware of the worries of human life. After an informal interaction I pointed my camera towards him. As I starting clicking, he put his both hands on his face in a distinctive way. He perhaps felt shy of the camera. However, his gesture portrayed a spontaneous glimpse of “childhood”.
The world of children is unique in all regards. Every child has his individuality and self respect. All of us not only give them due respect and love, but must help them in shaping their personality. They are the future of nation.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma 


  1. DineshChandra MisraMay 18, 2015 at 10:18 AM

    Beautiful combination of Yellow & blue color with great impression of naughty boy.Very nice work Sharma Ji. Aap key Sahar may ek talkies hua karta tha "PRABHA" Ab hai ki Nahi ? Trishul Dekhi thi.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Dinesh Ji.
      Yes, Prabha Talkies is still there.