Sunday, May 17, 2015

-My View- Be Original in Vision

-My View-
"Be Original in Vision"

Vision is the basis of creation. This is the visualization of an artist which not only results into excellent pieces of art, but gives him his own identity. Originality of approach is always appreciated. But we often observe a number of photographs which are very much similar in their content material and presentation. They seem carbon copy of each other.  This is really terrible. The lack of originality is a great hindrance in the path of true creativity.
The beginners often get so fascinated by the art works of their senior photographers that they start following their style of work as it is. This practice goes on and the young artists fail to develop their own style of working.
We often go on photography trips with our fellow photo artists. During such trips a common practice is seen. When any one of us starts photographing a particular scene, other companions also join him quickly and start photographing the same way. Here the idea of first person is stolen by others and the possibility of innovation is killed.
In today’s era we often come across good photographs in magazines, on different websites and during photography exhibitions. These photographs leave so deep impact on our brain that we tend to create our images in the same manner. This is not a good habit.
The idea of copying the style of others is really a bad sign. This malpractice should be stopped. We should no doubt learn from the great photo artists of past and present, but must never try to copy them as it is. Getting inspired by them in regard of their hard work and dedication is always appreciated. But the practice of copying them will not only hurt their feelings but will also stop us doing something fresh and original.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


Monday, May 4, 2015

Profile -- In Love with Land of Desert : Sarvesh Joshi

In Love with Land of Desert
Sarvesh Joshi

A resident of Jodhpur (Rajasthan, India), Sarvesh Joshi inherited the art of photography from his father, Mr. Shivji Joshi, who is a renowned photo-artist of India. He started clicking a bit late (in 2012) due to his studies and then after the busy schedule of his job. But he has worked excellently in the short phase of time. His main field of interest is photographing the sand dunes of his state. He is in fascination with the magical play of light and shadows in the deserts. He loves clicking the other beautiful places of India equally. He has to his credit a number of awards in the contests at National and International levels. The FIAP, France has honoured him with the most coveted Laurel, AFIAP (Artist-Federation International De-La-Art of Photographique).  He gives credit of his success to his parents and wife.
Besides photography Mr. Sarvesh loves listening music and travelling pretty places.
He works in Public Health Engineering Department of Rajasthan Govt.

-Dr. Pankaj Sharma