Saturday, July 11, 2015

-Great Masters- Photography for her is a Spiritual Journey: Sapna Reddy

-Great Masters-
Photography for her is a Spiritual Journey
Sapna Reddy

Sapna Reddy is a photo artist to whom the pursuit of photography has been a spiritual journey filled with happiness every step of the way.
 Each image acquired, that is every step of the journey feels more pleasurable than the last, a sentiment that draws Sapna passionately deeper into the exhilaration of the art. She lives in California and loves immersing herself in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Photography has taught her to see and appreciate the wonders and miracles of Mother Nature. Being able to capture some of this beauty and share it with others exponentially enhances that joy.
 She is currently pursuing dual careers in medicine and photography. As a radiologist she analyzes images in an attempt to achieve cure.  As a photographer she creates images that celebrate health, happiness and the goodness of life. In this personal cosmos of yin and yang lies her centre of Zen.
The transition to a professional photographer was mainly triggered by her passion for teaching. She loves to share her creativity and passion and has come to realize that helping others creates beautiful imagery is as satisfying as doing it yourself. The workshops she teaches in the National Parks in America are geared to small groups with emphasis on the creative aspects of photography. All profits from the workshops are dedicated to charity.
In addition to being used in multiple medical centres to create an ambience of healing, she feels herself honored to share the news that her photographs are utilized as screen savers for video conferencing and other needs by major corporations such as Google, Hitachi, Gap and Yahoo. Being published in various magazines internationally she enjoys writing and sharing her thoughts and philosophy regarding photography. She is on the author's panel for Landscape photography magazine and has been published in Popular Photography and Lonely Planet amongst others.
She aspires to convey beauty in the barren, mood in the mundane and evoke emotional response by immersing the art lovers in the images.
(Text and image Courtesy: Sapna Reddy)