Saturday, December 26, 2015

-Obituary- Mohan Gidwani, An Outstanding Photographer Passes Away

A Brilliant Photo-Artist
Mohan Gidwani, Passes Away

Mohan Gidwani, a nature photographer with unmatchable aesthetic sense, passed away recently in Delhi.  His demise is a big loss to the world of photography-art.
Born in 1959 in a family of century old confectioners of Delhi (India), “Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners”, Mohan Gidwani graduated from Delhi University and engaged in his family business.
In most of the cases a person has inclination towards arts since his/her childhood days. The same was with Mohan Gidwani. He possessed creative bend of mind since his childhood days. He used to observe the art works of the great masters in the magazines and during the art exhibitions thoroughly. The images clicked by them touched his soul and motivated him to step into the realm of art. Gradually photography became his obsession.  Mohan Gidwani was a nature lover and he preferred to capture the nature at its best. He took photography as a journey of the soul which accompanies an artist throughout his life. After so many years of his involvement in creative field, he found photography not as an art only but an integral part of his life. He used to say that this art-form was the uttermost medium of expression for him.
Mohan Gidwani  loved simplicity in the images, and thus he tried to keep his creations away from complexity. His nature shots take us into a fantastic world at first sight.
He had won more than 400 Awards and Certificates of Merit, and over 1400 acceptances in International and National photographic Salons.
The India International Photographic Council had honoured him with prestigious Associateship Honour and Diamond Grading. A good number of his photographs got published in reputed magazines and catalogues. 
He was a kind hearted person with helpful nature. He will always be remembered for his excellent photographs and gracious nature.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. I do not wish to use oft repeated cliche phrases normally used after somebody departs. But I must say this. I saw late Mr. Gidwani's images (for the first time now) and found that they are sheer poems of beauty. Surely, his sad departure is a big big jolt to the world of art photography. Nature photography is a tough field in which his images show his mastery. Such masters are rare to find.

  2. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Sorry to learn the demise of Mr. Gidwani at this age. His pics of natural beauties are really excellent. Let his soul rest in peace.
    A. K. Chaudhuri

  3. It's really a big loss for the photographers fraternity.
    Mukesh Srivastava

  4. Really big loss. I never met this artist of high caliber but his work always inspired. Rest In Peace Mohan Gidwani Ji

    Satpal Singh

  5. ... sad to hear about this ! ... his images are a testimony to his passion, which he has elevated to an art form ! Thank you for sharing and writing about him ! RIP Mohan Gidwani !

  6. OMG. I just couldnot belive my eyes when i read news in FB. He is good friend of mine from a long time, and was sending me his images to know the composition and processing etc.. we were in constant touch over mails. he was very good in both macro and travel photography. we miss him a lot, RIP

  7. Sincere condolences .The indian photography world will miss him always

  8. I had met him only couple of times in past. But I was following his works regularly and am a great admirer of his works. Whether it is travel, nature or macro, he was a real pictorialist. Photography world has lost a big artist.

  9. Heartfelt condolences to Mohan ji faimily

  10. I must say ... it's a great loss ... it's a great loss to the world of Photography ... RIP ( Return if possible ..) ..