Monday, June 20, 2016

-Dashboard- “Walk into the Lap of Nature”

“Walk into the Lap of Nature”

This time I am before you with a photograph titled, “Walk into the Lap of Nature”. This picture is important for me because this is full of sweet memories of Sheetla khet, a scenic place near to Almora (Uttarakhand). One nice morning I was on a walk near to Sheetla khet with my beloved friend and a renowned mountaineer, Mr. Gopal Sharma. While having a leisurely walk I noticed a beautiful tree with yellow leaves on the left of a curve in road. This was a co-incidence that my friend was also wearing a yellow jacket. The yellow leaves of tree, my friend in yellow jacket, the curve of the road and greenery all around offered a good opportunity for a pretty picture. I clicked a few frames. This is one of them.
Nature is full of wonderful compositions. The important thing for us is how we visualize a picture.
I used a Nikon D 90 Camera with a Nikon 18-105 mm lens.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma 

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  1. Reminding the Mission Shitlakhet this was so beautiful a place. The walk you clicked became a beautiful memorable picture. VERY NiCE