Monday, March 27, 2017

Dashboard: Magic of Stars

“Magic of Stars”
 This time I am before you with a photograph, titled, “Magic of Stars”. I had an opportunity to photograph the attractive stars during a clear night at Shaukiyathal, (also known as Vriddh Jageshwar) in December-2016. I managed to click around 100 frames of stars by resting the camera on a firm tripod. An automatic timer was used to photograph multiple pictures with an interval of 5 seconds between two pictures. ISO was set at 6400. Exposure was f-4 at 25 seconds for each frame.  Camera was Canon EOS 6D with a Tokina 17-35 mm lens. After all settings done the camera was targeted towards starry sky. A portion of hut like structure was also included in frame to add charm. Then after timer’s button was pressed and the process of clicking started which took around 50 minutes. As earth travels continuously, stars changed their place in each shot. Later I merged those frames in a particular software (Star Stax) and the final picture was amazing. 
However we can click the star trails in a single frame as well by giving a long exposure through camera.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Beautiful image!!! it looks like divine grace showering on the house! :-)
    Chandan D.N.Gaonkar

  2. Nice shot. The details are good to help.

  3. Starlight showering on the hut.wonderful.