Monday, April 10, 2017

-Profile- Narrating the Tales of Life : Prabhat Singh

Narrating the Tales of Life
Prabhat Singh

Prabhat Singh is a realistic Lensman. After completing his studies, he began his career as a photo journalist a few decades back. Being a sensible human being he aimed at the roots of human life for all time. Very soon he established his identity in the world of photography art. Capturing the life’s essence has always been his passion. Besides, he captures folk-elements so well that the viewers for a while find themselves into a realm which is in fact very close to them.

When asked about his perception, he told, “I always aim at developing an image that is mysterious and full of fascinating phenomenon. So far the Camera is concerned, it is a magical tool which not only creates life but documents it also. To document the truth and life is more important to me rather than making my images aesthetically perfect.”

He has worked on many projects till date. Recently he has done a series of pictures which is titled as “Latent Faces”. Through this mission he has tried to narrate the tales of the people, who exist around us and always work to make a difference, but most of them often go unnoticed – be a labour or farmer, prostitute or pilgrim, cobbler or a butcher. Their faces tell the tales of their hardships.  

Satire or humor out of juxtaposed content is another favorite subject for him, and while working as news photographer he has trained his eyes to spot such situations in our daily routine.

Prabhat Singh has to his credit many solo exhibitions in different cities of India. His stories have taken place in reputed publications. Presently he works as Resident Editor with Amar Ujala Publications Ltd., Noida (India).  

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


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