Sunday, September 17, 2017

-Profile- A Eye to See the Life Differently Sarasij Dasgupta

An Eye to See the Life differently
Sarasij Dasgupta

Born in a quintessential Bengali family in1968 in the suburbs of Kolkata, Sarasij Dasgupta was introduced to the developing, printing and all other skills of photography from his father, Late Ratan Dasgupta, who was a renowned photojournalist. Since his childhood days Sarasij had the knack for painting. He did his graduation (BFA) from Government College of Art and Craft in Kolkata with profound interest. Having done his BFA in applied art, he started his career in advertising. Presently he is a senior creative director with a multinational advertising agency in Kolkata. He continues with his passion for photography on weekends and digs out photo stories in the alleys of Kolkata.  Street photography is his favorite among all other genre of photography. He is also associated with Camerena Academy, a renowned organization which aims at promoting the art of photography.
He does agree with Bruce Gilden that photography is a voyeuristic medium. He admits, “While it is important to stay discreet, I won’t mind taking my subjects by surprise. Much like Bruce Gilden, I would hold my camera in one hand and a flash in the other.”
His favorite pass time other than photography is doodling. Being an art graduate, he relates more to doodles and caricatures that he makes of the people he comes across every day. He wishes he could go out on a photo walk with masters like Henri Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, Garry Winogrand and Bruce Gilden on streets of New York, Tokyo and Kolkata. 
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma 


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