Tuesday, April 9, 2019

-Great Masters- Born to Love Photography : JOSEPH K.S.TAN

-Great Masters-
Born to Love Photography
 This all began when a colleague of Mr. Joseph K.S. Tan sold a camera to him in 1963 at the age of 35. After a lapse of two years, trying to figure out how to improve his photographic skill; he decided to go for a proper photographic course. He Joined Photographic Society of Singapore in May, 1965.
 Upon completing the course, he was enthusiastically trying to perfect his skills. The breakthrough came in 1967 when he submitted a portrait of an “Old Indian” to the 18th Singapore International Competition. He was overwhelmed when he was announced one of the Top 10 Winners of the World. This cemented his confidence and determination to embark and propel his career into the world of photography. 
 In order to succeed, he then decided to go overseas to further improve his skills.  He left for Rome, Italy in 1974 to take the challenge.
 Back in Singapore, he was headhunted by Robinson’s Portrait Studio as Chief Portrait Photographer/Manager where he made a mark as a leading Portrait Photographer in Singapore. While in Robinson’s Studio he had the opportunity to photograph the Royal Family of Brunei and many other dignitaries of Singapore and the neighboring countries.  He was also given an opportunity to have a two year stint in Bangkok, Thailand to provide photographic services to the elite group e.g. 4-star generals and tycoons. One remarkable experience was having an audience with the King of Thailand as well as taking photographs for the Royal Family and the Chief Monk.
 Upon his return to Singapore in 1992, he started Joseph Master Photography (School of Photography) to share and impart his vast experience and knowledge to young and aspiring photo enthusiasts from all walks of life irrespective of age and experience.
 Mr. Joseph has been serving for the cause of art photography wholeheartedly and always aims at imparting knowledge among the art lovers. He has been honoured by many prestigious organizations of the world.
 --Pankaj Sharma


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