Thursday, April 1, 2021

"Profile" Photography is Divine Treat to his Soul : Raj Kumar Jain

Photography is Divine Treat to his Soul
Raj Kumar Jain

Born in Delhi in 1961, Raj Kumar Jain has academic background in pharmaceuticals with vast experience of civil constructions. He is fortified with passionate persuasion of Astronomy/Astrology and Photography.

He is persuading his childhood passion for photography for a decade with a DSLR camera that was gifted to him on his birthday by his son in 2010. He is a frequent traveler with his camera gears to length and breadth India. He loves to see the life in its true color. He is fond to follow stories and create amazing images of the same.

Raj has clicked thousands of pictures of magical landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, incredible people, festivals, celebrations, flora and fauna of India. He believes in India’s rich cultural heritage, colorful festivals and soulful living.

He loves to search” Melody” in the silence, colors of dark and meanings of unspoken words through his images. He believes in extracting out few out of thousand words embedded in an image. Photography is divine treat to his soul. Its Medication and Meditation to body and mind.

His works have been exhibited in more than 30 countries.  He has been awarded with more than 150 prestigious awards at National and International levels. He has got recognitions from Federation of Indian Photography (FIP), The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), Photographic Society of America (PSA), Global Photographic Union (GPU)


Words from his soul:
“If journey if so joyful, who cares for the destination ………It’s the BEGINNING, I offer my pictorial tribute to the soil and people of my nation with few selected pictures out of more than thousands photographs I have clicked. I love to be the PHOTO TRAVELER …. call myself ‘MUSAFIR” of unending journey. I am looking forward to see my country arise to supreme glory.”

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