Wednesday, September 29, 2021

-On Project- Capturing Architectural Marvels of His City: Dr. Kamran Khan, AIIPC

-On Project-
 Capturing Architectural Marvels of His City
Dr. Kamran Khan, AIIPC

Dr. Kamran Khans is a passionate lensman with extraordinary vision. His photographs have been center of attraction among the photography lovers due to their unique presentation. He often aims at capturing the unexplored beauty of the surroundings around him.    

He was seven only years old when he shifted to Bareilly with his parents. Around 40 years of his stay at Bareilly have passed. He has been doing photography for more than 20 years. He enjoys photographing the historical places of his region and he has done a lot of work in this field. The ancient buildings of his city have attracted him since his student life. Few old buildings located in the city are very important in terms of their beautiful architecture. This time he is with us with a few beautiful pictures of ancient churches of Bareilly. He admits, “the Churches located in my city always fascinated me. I could not photograph them in my student life as I did not possess a camera. But later the things changed. I, after completing my studies and then after making my career in medical line wished to spend some of my time for photography. I started clicking the beauty of my city. My childhood fascination for churches inspired me to photograph them thoroughly.” He further adds, “not only the churches but religious places of every religion attract me deeply. Visiting these places always gives a feeling of being close to the positivity and to a divine power as well.”

According to Dr. Kamran the light of early morning and late evening is always ideal for photographing churches, since during these hours the divinity at its peak can be felt and the same can be experienced in our pictures. Secondly, our presentation should be purely unbiased and original.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma

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