Saturday, December 11, 2010

“Youth Corner” - The Young and Creative: Rajeev Kashyap

“Youth Gallery”
.....The Young and Creative: Rajeev Kashyap
Born and brought up in Ludhiana (Punjab, India), Rajeev Kashyap is a devoted photographer. He began his journey of art about 10 years back as an assistant of a commercial photographer. Due to his inborn talent and hard work, he soon established himself as an independent photo artist. Appetite to learn more provided him with the opportunity to meet the phenomenal photo-artist of Ludhiana, Mr. Rakesh Syal. Rajeev was hypnotized by Mr. Syal’s style of work and accepted him as his guru whole-heartedly. Here after, he started visiting Mr. Rakesh Syal’s place and breathed in the fine tips given by him. Syal suggested him to join IIPC and attend its workshops. He connected with IIPC and attended its workshop in Delhi in 2008. This Workshop raised the curtain from his eyes. He learnt a lot during this event. According to Rajeev, this workshop proved to be a ‘U-turn’ in his life.
Today he is a popular photo artist of his town. He is a true follower of pictorial photography and tries to add pictorial value even to his commercial shoots.
Rajeev regularly participates in the competitions of art photography for his delight. He has a number of awards and recognitions to his credit.
--Dr. Pankaj Sharma


  1. Excellent pictures by Rajeev Kashyap. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Rajeev ji - Picture No. 3 What is this event, and where and when it is held ?? Please inform.

  3. Dear Pankaj Ji,

    Thanks for showing us Mr.Rajeev's magnificent work in different fields.

    Awesome work Mr. Rajeev

  4. Fantastic pictures by a talented photographer. My best wishes to Mr. Rajeev.

  5. Rajeev indeed is a talented. I have worked with this joyful person.
    Keep up the good work, Rajeev!

  6. superb !!!!
    anu chauhan

  7. Indeed Rajeev has strong Appetite to learn and today he has established his talent with such outstanding captures... God bless him!!!!

  8. Dear Doctor:
    Thank you for introducing to Shri Rajeev Kashyap. May his "Appetite to learn more...." be never satiated.
    With best wishes to him & you,

  9. Fantastic pictures really
    gr8 shot yaar

    anil kumar - DELHI

  10. Thanks to all respected photo-artist for sparing time and post words on my work. I appreciate each and every words and it means a lot to me.
    I am so grateful to Dr. Pankaj Sharma ji for posting my work on this reputed platform.
    Once again, thank you all.

    Rajeev Kashyap

  11. bhai g kmaal ke photos hain and thanks for sending me ur link, good, mindblasting keep it up.

  12. Dear All,
    Many thanks for your valuable comments.
    Dear Ritwik, Jayant, Ravi, Satpal, Indrani, Avnish and Bhushan,
    Thanks for following the blog.

  13. Rsajeev u r a gr8 photographer...all ur pics r mind blowing....keep it up

  14. Stupendous work...

    Vishal Kashyap

  15. Wonderful collections or in other words assets.

  16. Rajeev you are the best hats off
    awesome work love it ....!!

  17. U r really a great photoartist.accept my salute please..DR KAMRAN KHAN BAREILLY

  18. A talented photographer and always eager to learn... Good wishes, dear Raj!!!!!