Saturday, September 1, 2012

Event - “6th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2012”

“6th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2012”

Photography is accepted as an important branch of fine art globally. India International Photographic Council’s contribution to encourage this form of art has always been admirable. The organisation’s ‘World Photography-Day Annual Photo Contest’ is an occasion that gives opportunity to the photography lovers to share and polish their talent.

Similar to previous years, this year also the response of participants towards this contest was quite encouraging. A total of 512 entries from 38 participants from different parts of the country were received in five categories, namely B/W Pictorial, Colour Pictorial, Nature, Photo Journalism and Photo Travel. The entries covered a series of subjects. Out of total entries, 158 photographs got acceptances, 05 photographs received awards and 15 photographs got Certificates of Merit. The award winners are:

(1). Mr. G. Jaya Siva Rama Rao (Lakkavaram, Andhra Pradesh) for “Finishing Touch” (B/W Pictorial Section).

(2). Mr. V. K. R. S. Sarma (Nedunuru, Andhra Pradesh) for “Playing Cart” (Colour Pictorial Section).

(3). Mr. Satpal Singh (Lakhimpur Kheri, U.P) for “In Trap of Death” (Nature Section).

(4). Mr. T. Srinivasa Reddy (Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh) for “Irresponsible” (Photo Journalism Section).

(5). Mr. Vaibhav Jaguste (Thane, Maharashtra) for “Leh Monestry” (Photo Travel Section).

Dr. Pankaj Sharma, AIIPC, FFIP, IIPC Platinum, Mr. Bijan Das, LIIPC Mr. Deepak Ghosh, LIIPC, Mr. Gopal Sharma and Dr. Kamran Khan, LIIPC were Jury Members.

--Dr. Pankaj Sharma (Contest Chairman)

“Finishing Touch” By Mr. G. Jaya Siva Rama Rao, Lakkavaram - (Award--B/W Pictorial Section)

“Playing Cart” By Mr. V. K. R. S. Sarma, Nedunuru, - (Award--Colour Pictorial Section)

“In Trap of Death” By Mr. Satpal Singh, Lakhimpur Kheri - (Award--Nature Section)

“Irresponsible” By Mr. T. Srinivasa Reddy, Vijayawada - (Award--Photo Journalism Section)

“Leh Monestry” By Mr. Vaibhav Jaguste, Thane- (Award--Photo Travel Section)

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  1. Great pictorial works. Hearty Congratulations to the winners.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation and wishes Dear Agarwal ji.

  2. Congratulations to all the winner and participants!

  3. Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Jury Members too!

    Sateja Rajwade.

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    Thanks for sharing nice pics.
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    Dinesh Mowar (BHOPAL)

  6. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. All the Best Wishes.

  7. Dear Dr Pankaj,
    Excellent selection of AW winning Pics on Annual Photo Contest-2012.
    regds=> Virendra Singh, Jamshedpur.
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  8. Dear sir- thanx for sharing glimpses of 6th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2012., Your blog is source of inspiration and its beautiful ,amazing yet simple :-)
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  9. Heartiest Greetings to My dear friends Mr.Rao,Mr.Sharma,Mr.Singh,Mr.Reddy and Mr.Vaibhab Jaguste
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