Sunday, April 21, 2013

Learning: Travel Photography Tips

Travel Photography Tips

Visiting beautiful places is the passion of human beings. Many people often click gorgeous places but a very few succeed in making excellent photographs. With a few points in our consideration we can achieve desirable images.
1.  Appropriate equipments:
* SLR Camera.
* One standard zoom (such as, 18-55 mm, 18-70 mm or 18-135 mm)
* One telephoto zoom (such as 70-200 mm or 70-300 mm).
If SLR camera is not within our capacity, a suitable digital compact or prosumer camera can help us nicely.

* A firm tripod to prevent camera shake during low light conditions

2. Good knowledge of the Key Characteristics* of the Particular Place:
We should have a good knowledge of the flora and fauna, geographical features, historical background, people and their culture of a particular place. This will help us to photograph that place judicially.
3. Portraying of the Places in Their True Form:
Our aim should be to photograph the places in their true form with above mentioned    characteristics. * We have to avoid any manipulation in representation.
4. Photographing in Early Morning or Late Evening Light:
The use of one-sided and soft light of early morning and late evening helps us to find gentle images with vivid colours and fine details.
5. Story Telling Value:
If a photograph conveys some story, it is always appreciated.
6. Great Depth of Field:
Depth makes a photograph dynamic. For this purpose we should use a small aperture (32, 22, 16, and 11). We can set the shutter speed of camera accordingly. If we have a digital compact camera, landscape mode will dish up our purpose.
7. Good Composition:
* Our composition should be simple
* So many objects are be neglected. We have to concentrate on one or limited objects.
* Disturbing elements (like, electric poles/wires, discarded items etc.) are to be avoided
* Place the human beings or a man made structure (like hut or temple) a little away from the center. This will add balance to the picture.
* Tight Composition is to be kept away. Openness in the frame is commendable.
* Leading lines play a dramatic role in a   photograph. We can find such lines in the form of roads, rail tracks, rows of the trees, fencings etc. These lines lead our vision into the frame or from one point to another. In addition leading lines boost rhythm in a picture.
* Coordination between the subjects is another vital factor of an image. If they do not coordinate with each other, the photograph loses charm.
* The feel of rhythm is an important part of a good photograph. This can be created by balanced arrangement of the subjects.
* Horizon of the scene should be straight.
* There should be a freshness of approach in our composition.
8. Keeping Extra and Fully-Charged Camera-Batteries:
This helps out evading disappointment during crisis.
9.  Care of Camera:
As our camera is very important during a trip; we have to take extra care of the camera. A small negligence can harm it.

 - Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Saturday, April 6, 2013

-Event- 2nd National Photo Awards, 2011-2012 (India)

2nd National Photo Awards, 2011-2012 (India)
The 2nd National Photo Awards, 2011-2012 were given away on 28 March 2013 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi by Photo Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India to the eminent photo artists of India for their outstanding work in the field of art photography. The awards were conferred by Mrs. Meira Kumar, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Mr. Manish Tewari, Minister of State (Independent Charge) - Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India presided over the function.
These prestigious awards were given in three categories; Life Time, Professional and Amateur. 

The award winners for different categories are:

 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
(1) Mr. Pranlal Patel, (2) Mr. T.N.A. Perumal and 
(3) Mr. T.S. Nagarajan

 Best Professional Photographer of the Year 2011-12
Mr. Salil Bera

 Professional Photographer of the Year 2011-12 on “Green India Environmental Stories” -
Dr.  Pankaj Sharma

 Professional Photographer of the Year 2011-12 in Open Category
Mr. Anil Risal Singh

 Special Mention Awards (Professional) 
Mr. Anand Patel,  Mr. Atul Choubey,  Mr. Shib Narayan Acharya,  Mr. Kailash Soni, Mr. Vinod Gajjar,  Mr. Chetan Soni,  Mr. Dilip Lokre,  Mr. Kailash Mittal,  Mr. Sanat Kumar Sinha and Mr. Shankar Mondal

 Best Amateur Photographer of the Year 2011-12
Mr. Subhash Jirange

 Best Amateur Photographer of the Year 2011-12 on “Life and Landscape of India”-
Mr. Sudip Roychoudhury

 Best Amateur Photographer of the Year 2011-12 on “Fine Arts”
Mr. Debashish Ghosh Ray

 Special Mention Awards (Amateur) category-
Mr. Asis Kumar Sanyal,  Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee,  Mr. Manish Bhatnagar,  Mr. Debashis Tarafder,  Mr. Sirsendu Gayen,  Mr. Subhrajit Basu,  Mr. Dhrumil Desai,  Mr. Subir Kumar Dutta, Mr. Ganesh Shankar and Mr. Rajesh Joshi

(Information Courtesy: Mr. Debatosh Sengupta, Director-  Photo Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. Of India)