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-Event- “9th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2015”

“9th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest-2015”

         Photography is a very important means of artistic expression today. The contribution of India International Photographic Council for the encouragement of this form of art is commendable. The council organized 9th IIPC World Photography Day Annual Photo Contest recently. The response of participants towards this contest was exciting. A good number of entries (Nearly 565) from the participants of about 15 states of India were received in five categories, namely Black and White Pictorial, Colour Pictorial, Nature, Photo-Journalism and Photo-Travel. About 160 photographs got acceptances, 09 photographs received awards and 15 photographs got Certificates of Merit. The award winners are:

Mr. M. V. RAO (Bandarulanka), Mr. T. Srinivasa Reddy (Vijayawada), Mrs. Sateja Rajwade (Thane), Mr. Mahimala Kyadhar Reddy (Karimnagar), Dr. S. Harinarayan (Bengaluru),  Mr. Ch V. S Vijayabhaskara Rao (Vijayawada), Mr. Mukesh Parpiani (Mumbai), Mr. Patan Hussain Khan (Khammam), and Mr. Subhash Jirange (Mumbai) .

 Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Bijan Das, Mr. Gopal Sharma, Dr. Kamran Khan and Mr. Satpal Singh were Jury Members.

 Photo Vision organized the exhibition of best photographs of the contest on 18 and 19 August – 2015 in IMA Hall Bareilly. Famous Archaeologist, Dr. Anup Ranjan Mishra was the chief guest of inaugural of this event. He accepted photography as an integral part of various fields of life and an important branch of fine art. Dr. Mishra threw light on the development of photography art in India.  A good number of art lovers witnessed the exhibition on both days.

The members of Photo Vision, Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma, Mrs. Prerna Verma, Dr. Anupam Sharma, Mr. Deepak Ghosh, Dr. T. K. Verma, Mr. Lovelesh Dutt, Mr. Rakesh Kachchal, Mr. Bipin Mehra, Mr. Sushil Saxena, Mr. Sanjay Jaiswal, Mr. Ajit Chatterjee, Dr. A. K. Goel and Miss Priyanka Sharma gave their valuable contribution for the success of this event. The contribution of Dr. Mridula Sharma and Mr. Sachin Gaur is highly admirable.

-Dr. Pankaj Sharma
Contest Chairman

 Pot Maker (Award-Black & White Pictorial Section)
M. V. Rao, Bandarulanka

Prayer Time (Cash Award-Black & White Pictorial Section)
T. Srinivasa Reddy, Vijayawada 

Nature Trail (Award-Colour Pictorial Section)
Sateja Rajwade, Thane 

Goat Herd (Cash Award-Nature Section)
Mahimala Kyadhar Reddy, Karimnagar

Jakal & Kill (Award-Nature Section)
Dr. S. Harinarayan, Bengaluru 

In Action (Award-Photo Journalism Section)
Ch. V. S. Vijayabhaskara Rao, Vijayawada

Army Patroling During Ahmedabad Riots (Cash Award-Photo Journalism Section)
Mukesh Parpiani, Mumbai

Dance with Drumas (Award-Photo Travel Section)
Patan Hussain Khan, Khammam

Trekking Venture (Cash Award-Photo Travel Section)
Subhash Jirange, Mumbai

Judging in Progress 
(Left to Right-Mr. Bijan Das, Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Gopal Sharma, Dr. Anupam Sharma, Mr. Satpal Singh and Dr. Kamran Khan)

Chief Guest, Dr. Anup Ranjan Mishra During Inaugural of Exhibition

Glimpse of  Exhibition (Left to Right Mr. Dinesh Nigam and Dr. O. P. Sharma)


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  10. 9th World Photography was celebrated in a very befitting way by Dr.Pankaj Sharma


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